Feb. 25th, 2016

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Dear Smut Swap Writer,

Thank you for writing for me and for taking a look at this letter. My letters always get embarrassingly long, but I prefer listing a lot of things I like and giving you plenty of things to choose from rather than just listing two things I like and making you despair if you hate those two things. Obviously I don't expect you to include every single thing I've listed in this letter.

As a general rule, I'm more than okay with a longer build up to the porn or plot to go with my porn, if you want to write that sort of thing. Obviously I don't expect you to write plot or long build ups, considering the nature of this exchange. Just thought I'd mention it because I'm someone who often needs to write a bit of build up before I get around to the porn, and if that's the case for you, too, don't think I'll be disappointed. Obviously I won't be disappointed either if there's only porn. :D

I've listed some general likes and dislikes, and then some more specific stuff for the pairings/kinks I requested. Some of the kinks I requested have an additional little explanation/prompt if I thought it was necessary, but most of them are just listed alphabetically or sometimes grouped together if they're similar. That doesn't mean I like the kinks I expanded on better, just that I thought they might need clarification. I'd be happy to receive a fic about any of the pairings and kinks I've requested. If you want to combine my requested kinks in any way, that's of course great, too.

I use the same username on AO3 and tumblr as here. I have a lot of previous exchange letters up on LJ if you're interested in more prompts – I tried to keep this letter focused on the porn aspect and general relationship dynamics rather than on specific prompts.

General likes and dislikes )

About my fandoms:

The Hateful Eight: Marquis Warren/Chris Mannix )

Fast & Furious Series: Deckard Shaw/Owen Shaw )

The Expendables: Barney Ross/Lee Christmas )

The Raven Cycle: Richard Gansey III/Ronan Lynch )

Raven Cycle: Declan Lynch/Adam Parrish )

Raven Cycle: Declan Lynch/Ronan Lynch, Niall Lynch/Ronan Lynch, Niall Lynch/Ronan Lynch/Richard Gansey III )

Justified: Raylan Givens/Tim Gutterson )

The Silmarillion: Feanor/Fingolfin )

Black Sails: Edward Teach/Charles Vane )

Aaaaand that's it, I think. I hope that you can find something in this letter that works for you and that you'll enjoy writing, dear author. :) If you have any questions or want clarification on any of my requests, I always have anon asks turned on on tumblr (I just don't like turning anon comments on here on LJ because I always end up getting visits from spambots).

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