Feb. 23rd, 2017

Dear Fandom5k Writer,

Thank you for writing for me and having a look at my letter. My letters always get stupidly long, but I prefer listing a whole lot of stuff in the hope that my writer likes some of the things I mentioned, rather than only listing two prompts they might hate. Obviously I don't expect you to include every single thing I mention in this letter, that wouldn't even be possible. I've got some general likes and dislikes listed - those are the important bits, really. They're followed by a list of kinks I like, should you feel inclined to write porn, and some fandom-specific prompts, but if those don't work for you - as long as you include a thing or two that I like and don't include my DNWs, I'm sure I will love whatever you write for me. :D

Please don't get hung up on the "genres" I requested. I just picked some that sounded closest to the kinds of fic I like, but I'd really rather you simply used some of my prompts or general likes to write a fic than worry about whether or not your fic really fits one of those genres. Since this is a 5k minimum exchange, I feel like I should say that while I absolutely adore plotty casefics and the like, I'm equally fond of long getting together fics that simply explore the characters' relationship in greater detail, without necessarily needing a big complicated plot, or fics that explore how that relationship develops over time. I'll also take 5k of porn as long as that porn also tells me something about the characters' relationship. I'm not really into super fluffy curtainfic, though. 5k of my ships banging is good, 5k of my ship sitting on the couch and cuddling isn't really my jam.

Some fandom-specific sections turned out longer than others, but that's only because I had more ideas for these fandoms. I would be absolutely delighted to receive a fic for any of these fandoms. :D

I use the same name on AO3 and tumblr as here.

Fandom5k Letter )

And that's it! Another exchange, another absurdly long letter. ;D I hope that you can find something in this letter that appeals to you, dear writer, a prompt you find interesting or a trope that appeals to you. I love all of these fandoms so much and I'm looking forward to reading whatever you're going to write for me. :D

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