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Dear Not Prime Time writer,

Thank you for writing for me and for taking a look at this letter. My letters always get embarrassingly long, but I prefer listing a lot of things I like to choose from rather than just listing two things I like and making you despair if you hate those two things. Obviously I don't expect you to include every single thing I've listed in this letter, I don't even think that'd be possible. I've got some general likes and dislikes listed - those are the important bits, really. They're followed by a long list of tropes and kinks I like and some fandom-specific prompts, but if those don't work for you - as long as you include a thing or two that I like and don't include my DNWs, I'm sure I will love whatever you write for me. :D

Some of the fandom-specific sections are a bit longer than others, but that's only because I could think of more prompts for them. I'd be excited to receive fic for any of these fandoms.

I use the same username on AO3 and tumblr as here.

Things I like:

- I mostly love ship fic: I adore first time fics, slow burn, getting together fics, UST finally being resolved, but I also like established relationships, I like porn as much as I like more subtle sexual tension, I like fluffier things and I like filthy smut. I also like plotty fics in which a bunch of other things happen to my ship as well, so it doesn't have to be all romance/porn.

- if you'd rather write gen/if you don't ship my ships/if you want to combine any of the following things with a ship, I also like: background stories about a character's past, first meetings and impressions (especially if we didn't get to see that in canon), missing scenes from canon, plotty future/post-canon fics that explore where these characters are going, plotty what-if fics that explore what would have happened if a character had made a different choice, fics from a different POV than usual in canon, fics from an outside POV ...

- in general, I am most interested in characters and character interactions and development of relationships over time, whether shippy or not; I also love casefic and plotty fics, but I'd still love there to be some focus on the characters

- I would love to receive porn in my fic, although I do like at least a little bit of plot or feelings or character insight/development with my porn. There is, however, no need to include porn if you don't like to write porn or if it just doesn't fit into your fic.

- I'm fine with dark themes (violence, noncon, depression, whatever you need for the plot, I have no particular triggers, though I'd rather not get super graphic gore or animal deaths) and I enjoy angsty fics, but I'd prefer if my fic wasn't completely tragic. It doesn't have to be all sunshine and rainbows, but a bit of hope would be nice, and I'd rather my favourite characters/ships get a happy or semi-happy ending, even if they have to go through terrible things before they get it.

Things I do not like:

- major character death, especially of my favourite characters, and completely tragic/dark endings

- crossovers (unless explicitly requested), fusions, complete AUs (a bit of canon divergence is fine, but no high school AUs, coffee shop AUs etc.).

- unrequested ships (including canon ships)

- genderbend fics of any kind, mpreg, A/B/O, characters being vampires/werewolves/anything but human (unless they already aren't human in canon, of course); watersports, scat

- I don't mind noncon as such, but please no noncon between my requested ships; dubcon due to power imbalances is okay, though

- permanently unrequited love for my ships (pining is fine, initially unrequited love is fine, thinking for a while that it's unrequited is fine, but I wouldn't want the fic to end with "A loves B and B doesn't love A back")

- overuse of epithets like "the blond one said this", "the taller man did that", "the soldier replied", 1st or 2nd person narrative

- super detailed kink negotiation – brief talking about what they like is fine if you think it's necessary, the emphasis being on 'brief'

Other tropes and kinks I like:

Again, I know this list is long and I obviously don't expect you to include all of this stuff. But if they generally fit into your fic and if they're things that you like to write about, I would love it if you included any of the following themes/tropes/kinks (listed in no particular order):


- themes like loyalty, codependency, obsession, trust, and commitment issues
- complicated, codependent, obsessive family relationships (whether incestuous or not)
- characters dealing with moral dilemmas, having to question their principles, or simply wanting to do things they think they shouldn't be doing. This can be anything from "doing this would shake my entire worldview" to "maybe I shouldn't screw my boss".
- intimacy, familiarity, people knowing about each other's everyday habits/hang-ups (especially in contrast to how nobody else knows them that well)
- difficulties to express feelings verbally and non-verbal expressions of affection
- age differences
- protectiveness/going ballistic when the other one is threatened
- jealousy/possessiveness
- us-against-the-world
- hurt/comfort, taking care of each other
- sharing food/drinks/cigarettes/clothes
- sleep-related themes (sharing a bed, falling asleep on the other's shoulder, waking the other, having dreams about each other, comforting the other after nightmares etc.)


- clothes fetishisation (sex between a dressed and an undressed person; one of them having a thing for the other's clothes (tailored suits, uniforms, leather gloves/boots/jackets, silk shirts etc.); people dressing/undressing each other; someone casual cleans up nicely, someone who's always prim and proper looks dishevelled for once)
- asphyxiation/breathplay/choking, touching/kissing/biting/petting the other's throat/neck, oversensitive necks, hickeys, marking
- characters losing control in bed (speechlessness, whimpering, moaning, shivering, begging)
- messiness (sweat, come play, dishevelled clothes, dishevelled hair, breathlessness etc.)
- first time sex (i.e. first time between the two characters; exploring each other's bodies, finding out slowly what the other one likes)
- rough/angry sex, fight sex, bruising
- small gestures of affection/casual touching/discreet PDA; accidental touching/stimulation
- seduction (sweet talking, dirty talk, teasing, eyefucking)
- sexual fantasies, daydreaming, masturbation, especially before the characters get together
- massages, backrubs, stroking the other's hair
- friction, frottage, intercrural (anal is fine, too, obviously)
- banter/teasing (during sex and otherwise)
- competence kink/admiration
- praise kink
- body worship, people being madly attracted to each other, getting distracted because they're staring at each other
- scars and their history
- hand fetish (strong/soft/rough/calloused/gentle hands, long fingers, handling guns/knives/cigarettes etc., kissing the other's wrists/fingers)
- beards and stubble, beard burn on the other person's cheek/neck/thighs ...
- voice/accent kink, dirty talk
- oral fixation (licking/biting one's lips, drinking from beer bottles, smoking)
- oral sex, rimming
- bondage/restraints (pinning someone down, holding their wrists, holding their mouth shut with one hand, blindfolds, actually tying them up, collars)
- D/s (ordering the other to undress, to kneel, to hold still etc.) - though I'm more into casual D/s that develops over time than into very formalised, minutely negotiated BDSM
- gun/knife play
- sex on tables/sofas/against walls etc. (sex in beds is great, too)

If you want to write porn and need more inspiration, my Smut Swap letter from this year is here. It has, due to the nature of that exchange, even more rambling about what I like in porn. ;)

About my fandoms:

Batman v Superman
Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent

I actually genuinely loved this movie and I love it more every time I rewatch it. I am in love with this version of Bruce - disillusioned, angry, bitter, broken, lonely as hell, and yet even he finds a sliver of hope at the end. And I also love Cavill's kind of introspective, quiet Clark who's still figuring things out, trying to find his place in the world, who's profoundly lonely and not really sure yet where he really fits in, both as Clark and as Superman. I have tons and tons of feelings about the way their relationship could develop after Clark inevitably comes back to life and I would love to see any fic exploring that, whether as a friendlier relationship or as something more tense and antagonistic even as they start working together until they finally realise they're both in love with each other. I also love both of them and especially Bruce being emotionally constipated as hell and just not very good at talking about their feelings, this ship is great for pining and misunderstandings and assuming the other one doesn't share their feelings. And, since this is BvS a.k.a. the kinkiest movie of the year, I am absolutely here for all the filthy porn. My prompts are mostly shippy, but in case you don't ship them, I think some of them can also work for gen fic.

I also love Alfred, so if you want to include him, too, I'd definitely enjoy that. (I generally do ship Bruce/Alfred, but in this verse more as a past thing than an ongoing sexual relationship, but complicated feelings are always welcome.) And I loved Diana, too. However, I really don't ship Clark/Lois (though I don't mind them as friends), so it'd be great if we could just pretend that they broke up at some point post-Clark's resurrection. I'm fine with Clark angsting a bit about that and feeling lonely, but I'd rather the whole fic didn't focus on that.

Some prompts:
- anything focusing on Clark's return from the dead: how long was he gone? Did dying change him? (I'm quite fond of the idea I saw somewhere that Clark might well be somewhat hopeless and aimless after his death and Bruce is the one who has to remind him that the world needs Superman, but anything is good). How do he and Bruce meet again, how do they start working together? Are they friendlier now or do they argue all the time?

- identity porn! The movie really robbed us of that by having the two of them know so quickly who the other one is, so if you want to write some kind of canon divergence in which Clark doesn't know yet that Bruce and Batman are the same person, go for it! Especially if Clark is already sleeping with Bruce, or Superman is sleeping with Batman ...

- also, pretend identity porn? They know who the other is, but Clark still lets Billionaire Playboy Bruce Wayne seduce Farmboy Reporter Clark Kent and bang him in expensive hotel rooms while they both pretend they're totally not Batman and Superman. Because Batman and Superman grudgingly work together and don't really like each other much. At all. Yeah. Until that whole situation goes wrong in whatever way you like.

- they become partners after Clark is back, and they work together all right, but they're not friends. And when they start fucking, it's usually rough and angry and born out of yet another argument. Except eventually they do develop feelings for each other and both think it's one-sided, so ... yeah, just, pining and emotional constipation and taking ages to realise how much they truly love each other. Or just generally anything about them slowly growing to know and like and love each other.

- it'd be great if Dick existed in this verse, especially if he and Bruce have been kind of estranged for a few years. I'd especially love to see them reconcile a bit (Dick probably has a thing or two to say about Bruce taking on Superman, on his own, like an idiot), but I'd also love to see Clark and Dick interact in some way. Clark would probably be pretty surprised that Bruce's son is nice. (If there's past Bruce/Dick, that'd be fun, too, all the messed up, complicated feelings to go around.)

- anything playing on their age difference, Bruce being paternal in his gruff way, Clark relying on him, praise kink, Bruce calling Clark "son" in bed ...

- all the hurt/comfort. Clark patching Bruce up after a fight. Bruce having to take care of a kryptonite-weakened Clark. (Also, if you happen to feel like writing this kinkmeme prompt? (It's Clark/Lex non-con followed by Bruce/Clark hurt/comfort.) I would eat that up with all the spoons in the world.)

- sparring! Clark is stronger than anyone else, but he's never really learnt how to fight, so Bruce teaches him - just in case Clark ever has to face off against someone just as strong as him.

- generally, all the porn for these two. Go filthy, go kinky, this ship is made for it. Especially D/s and pain play. Bruce wanting Clark to chain him up and all but re-enact his nightmare. Bruce getting off on Clark's strength and Clark bruising him all over. Clark wanting to feel vulnerable again, to feel pain again, because he so got off on Bruce cutting his cheek during their fight - cue kryptonite bondage, Bruce making Clark bleed, ordering him around, making him hurt.  Kryptonite branding because Clark is frustrated that the marks Bruce leaves on him never last. Rough marathon fucking because Clark's stamina is incredible and Bruce loves it when Clark makes him pass out. Clark being amazed by how much Bruce can take because he's always had to hold back when sleeping with someone. Choking and suit porn and leather glove porn and switching and ordering each other around and praise kink and marking and consent play and size kink and fisting ... there's so much awesome stuff you could do with these two, and I'd happily read it all. As long as it doesn't hit my DNWs, I'm game. Can be messed up and dubcon-ish, too, if you like, as long as they both end up enjoying themselves.

- nightmares! Bruce's nightmares and Clark trying to help and Bruce not wanting any help (maybe Clark heard him toss and turn every night all the way over from Metropolis), and Clark having to figure out ways in which he can help Bruce that Bruce would accept. But also Clark having nightmares - of dying, of being caught in his coffin and not strong enough to get out of it, of the explosion at the Capitol and everyone around him dying ...

- fake dating. Not my thing for most ships, but I think it could be hilarious for these two, especially if Clark gets the full brunt of the charming, seductive Bruce Wayne Playboy Persona and he's not quite sure how to react to it. Generally I love the differences between public and private Bruce, so anything that has Clark thinking/wondering about that is great.

- Clark being in awe of Bruce, of everything he can do despite being 'just' human, his strength and his intellect and his determination, all while Bruce is angsting about how good, wholesome, gentle Clark could never truly like him.

Okay, I'll stop now, I'm sorry this turned into such a wall of text. Clearly I have spent too much time thinking about this ship. ;)

Fast & Furious series
Deckard Shaw, Owen Shaw

I've already received quite a few amazing fics for this ship in past exchanges, but I can't get enough of them, so here we are. Those two just hit so many of my buttons: ruthless bad guys who would do anything for each other, who are all they have in the world and who don't give a damn about anyone else. But I figure their relationship is also pretty complex: they don't seem to work together all the time (since Owen has his well functioning little team while Deckard seems more the One Man Army type), so maybe they don't actually like working together all that much? Maybe their relationship is kinda tumultuous and they sometimes need time away from each other? Or maybe it's just a pragmatic decision and they actually hate being apart?

Another thing that fascinates me is their age difference. Was there any resentment on Owen's part about Deckard joining the army and leaving him behind when Owen was still a kid? (I'm oddly fond of bb!Owen all but demanding that Deckard kill their father if he's leaving, but if you want to go with something less obvious than an asshole father, that's fine by me, too.) I figure Owen must have had one hell of a case of hero worship, since he followed pretty much exactly in his brother's footsteps, while Deckard probably didn't take his little brother all that seriously at first. I'd love to see something about that, too, about Deckard realising that his little brother has grown up and is a bamf in his own right now (something like a first time fic set around the time that Owen joined the military would be great, for example). I love Owen's manipulative, sociopathic streak and how he likes to play the people around him (possibly including his brother), while Deckard kinda more straightforward and pragmatic and so used to cleaning up his little brother's messes when necessary. I'm okay with their relationship being complicated and messy at times, but I do want them to love each other deep down.

I'll be honest and admit that I mostly want shipfic about them (I'm not sure if anyone but me and the few other people who ship them even wants to write/read about them?), so my prompts will have a rather shippy tilt. But if you don't ship them,  I think many of my prompts can be written both as ship fic and as gen.

Some ideas:
- Deckard is 8 years older than Owen, so Owen was still a kid when Deckard joined the military: how did that go? Was there any resentment on Owen's side? Did he just have a big case of hero worship, since he followed his brother's example as soon as he could?

- at what point did they go from big brother/little brother to equals?

- how did they both manage to get kicked out of the SAS? Did they fuck up? Did one of them fuck up and the other followed him into exile, so to speak? Did they get blamed for someone else's mistake? Did they get greedy and start making money on the side? Or anything about that time the military sent a ton of Special Forces guys to kill Deckard and they failed?

- post-canon fic: either Deckard breaking out of prison and being there while Owen recovers, or Owen waking up from his coma and getting back to his feet and breaking his brother out of prison (I'd prefer if Owen wasn't permanently crippled or anything like that; it's an action movie, people can survive horrific injuries with not much more than a few scars, right?). How does almost dying/getting locked up change their relationship? Roaring rampage of revenge y/y? (While I like the protagonists of the F&F movies, I'm not so emotionally attached to them that I wouldn't happily read about the Shaw brothers getting their revenge against them.)

- if you go the shippy route, any kind of first time fic would be great. When did the incestuous obsession with each other start? When they were still pretty young? Did teenage Owen somehow manipulate his big brother into giving him what he wants? I'm fine with underage as long as Owen is at least 15ish by the time they actually sleep with each other, and I'm cool with Owen fantasising about his brother/being all around inappropriate towards him even when he's younger. Or did it only start when they were in the military together and Deckard saw Owen more as an equal than as his little brother? Did it only start after they got kicked out of the military?

- for this pairing I love obsessive pining, voyeurism before they get together (i.e. watching each other screw other people), possessiveness/jealousy ("I will kill you if you ever let anyone else fuck you" and the like), rough sex, completely obsessive incestuous codependency, being horrible people to everyone but each other, delighting in each other's horribleness, delighting in each other's badassery, sweaty rough sparring, gun/knife play, kinking on being brothers - basically go kinky if you like.

- if you want to write weird threesomes in which Deckard makes Owen screw a girl to make sure his little brother is straight, while he's in the room, and Owen spends the whole time staring at Deckard ... that would be awesome, as long as the focus is on the brothers and not on the girl.

Exception to my 'no crossovers' rule: I am always here for more F&F/Expendables crossovers. I got two awesome crossover fics between those two canons for Yuletide, but what can I say, they just work really well together. Can be backstory (Lee and the Shaws know each other from the SAS?), can be the Shaws and the Expendables working together for some reason (maybe someone owes someone a favour), can be shippy (Owen/Lee, Deckard/Barney, idek, mix them up as you like, long as it all ends up with Owen/Deckard and Barney/Lee ;)).

Gotham (TV)
Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne

I'm only just realising that I'm requesting a lot of Bruce Wayne this exchange. Ah well, no worse than that time I requested almost exclusively Jason Statham movies for Yuletide. I love Gotham a lot and I usually watch the new episodes as soon as they air, so no worries about spoilers. My favourite thing about the show is the relationship between Alfred and Bruce. For one it's obvious how much they care about each other, how incredibly close they are and how lost they would be without the other. But I also find it interesting how the power dynamics play out between them, on the one hand Alfred being Bruce's legal guardian and occasionally putting his foot down (about Bruce going to school, for example), and on the other hand Bruce being technically Alfred's boss and ordering him around and (mostly) getting to do what he wants. I also love how ruthlessly protective Alfred is of Bruce, and how Bruce is just as worried about anything happening to Alfred.

A few ideas:
- anything with Alfred protecting/saving Bruce, anything with either of them getting hurt and the other taking care of them (did I mention that I like hurt/comfort? because I like hurt/comfort)
- anything more about Alfred's past coming back to haunt him or how being around Bruce helps him deal with his past, or some plotty continuation of Bruce's attempts to find out what happened to his parents (I know the show is already on that, but feel free to expand on that or write a different version of it)
- how does the Bruce we see on the show go on to become Batman? If you want to fastforward a few years and explore how that happens, I would absolutely LOVE to read it. Where does he get the idea? How does he go about it? Does he leave Gotham for a few years to travel and train and learn? Does Alfred continue to be a total enabler? (Okay, we know the answer to that last question is yes because enabling Bruce is just what Alfred does.)
- their hugs on the show are utterly adorable, so I'm all for more hugs and clinging to each other and Alfred stroking Bruce's hair

I also ship them really hard. I'm okay with Bruce still being under 18 for anything shippy, although maybe not quite as young as he is on the show. I'm fine with him pining and lusting for Alfred at just about any age, but I'd prefer if he was at least 15/16ish by the time anything overtly sexual happens between them. So if you want to explore a more shippy angle with those two, I would be the happiest recipient ever. Something like Bruce realising over the years that he doesn't just love Alfred like family? Lots of pining because he thinks that Alfred could never feel the same way about him? Lots of angst and guilt on Alfred's side about falling for this boy he's supposed to raise and protect and whom he loves like his own son? Angsty, slow-burn getting together fic would be amazing. Or maybe something set after Bruce was gone for a few years travelling the world and he comes back and is suddenly a grown man rather than a boy? Or after one of them got hurt and they had another "I can't lose you" moment? Or teenage Bruce being all reasonable and mature and explaining to Alfred very seriously why there's no reason they shouldn't be together, because Bruce is very mature for his age and he finds all of Alfred's objections frankly rather ridiculous?

I like most other characters on this show, so if you want to include Gordon or Bullock or anyone else as well, that's cool. I'm just not a huge fan of Penguin. And while I like Bruce and Selina as buddies, I'm not interested in any kind of romance between them.
Oh, and I keep seeing the theory that in the show's continuity, Thomas Wayne might have been Batman already ... Not really a fan of that idea.

Batman v Superman RPF
Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill

I am kind of terrible at coming up with RPF prompts, so this section turned out a bit short, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be super excited to receive a fic for this. I'm mostly into this for shipfic, tbh, because Ben and Henry's non-stop flirting during the BvS promo tour was just wonderful. BvS has given me the world's most ridiculous thing for Ben Affleck, and Henry Cavill just seems to be one hell of a flirt who makes a dirty joke whenever he opens his mouth, and I am so, so here for that.

I'm not really into AUs for actor RPF, but I do love all kinds of secret set affairs, hooking up during promo tours, sneaking around on set and in hotels, pining when they don't see each other every day anymore and realise they actually like each other way more than they thought.  I also love character bleed, intense, er, "rehearsals", that sort of silly tropey stuff. Or working out together leading to sweaty locker room sex. And considering all the dirty jokes Henry Cavill makes, I'd be so here for him flirting so obnoxiously and non-stop that Ben eventually takes him up on it (maybe to Henry's surprise?). Or the other way around, Henry gets so frustrated that Ben doesn't seem to get that he's seriously, definitely flirting with him that he eventually makes a move. I also have a soft spot for first time with a guy fic, for either one of them (too worried about their image to risk sleeping around with men and reading about it in some gossip rag the next day?), so if that's something you like to write, go for it. Or if you just want to write filthy porn because they're both hot as fuck, that's great, too. I'd love to see all the dirty talk for them (especially if you throw in some voice and accent kink while you're at it). Idk, maybe it starts out as a game, but they both get really into it. But if you'd rather write something more angsty and painful, post-divorce comfort or worrying that the other one isn't all that serious about their fling or whatnot, it's all good, as long as there's some kind of happy ending because I'm a sap like that.

I'm perfectly fine with infidelity and cheating in fic (I may or may not have a bit of an infidelity kink), but I'm also fine with simply ignoring any real life partners (not like Affleck isn't getting divorced anyway, right?). Whatever works for you. Sorry for the vague prompts, RPF prompts are hard, but again, that does not mean I'm any less excited about this ship than about any of the others. :)

Aaaaand that's it, I think. Sorry for how wordy this is, and I hope that you can find something in this letter that you'll enjoy writing, dear author. :) I'm looking forward to whatever you'll end up writing for me.




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