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Dear Black Sails Writer,

Thank you for writing for me and having a look at my letter. I've listed a whole lot of different things I enjoy in this letter to give you something to choose from. Obviously I don't expect you to include every single thing I've mentioned, that wouldn't even be possible. I've got some general likes and dislikes listed - those are the important bits, really. They're followed by a list of kinks I like, should you feel inclined to write porn, and then actual prompts. If you hate all my prompts and have a different idea you think I might enjoy, that's cool, too - as long as you include a few things I like and don't include any of my DNWs, I'm sure I'll enjoy the result. :)

I use the same name on AO3 and tumblr as here.

Things I like to read about:
  • first time/getting together: slow burn, pining, UST finally getting resolved
  • reunions after a long time apart: rediscovering each other's bodies, reconnecting, maybe also having doubts about whether the other one's feelings have changed
  • developing relationships: relationship conflicts after the characters got together, trying to figure out how to make things work, some things maybe not working at first, basically anything that doesn't assume that first time sex -> perfect relationship
  • porn, especially porn with feelings/porn that says something about their relationship (see list below for kinks I like)
  • non-verbal expressions of affection
  • familiarity, intimacy, characters getting to know each other better (their habits, their hangups etc.)
  • pre-canon/background stories, flashbacks, anything that tells me more about a character's past and how they became who they are now
  • post-canon fic
  • moral dilemmas, characters having to question/go against their principles
  • loyalty, devotion, trust, but also trust/commitment issues
  • obsessive, codependent, complicated relationships
  • us-against-the-world
  • jealousy, possessiveness
  • competence, characters being smart and skilled and good at what they do; characters with different skill sets complementing each other
  • hurt/comfort (after injuries/exhaustion, not so much with illness)
  • angst: self-doubts, guilt, shame, internalised homophobia, nightmares, fears, self-destructive tendencies, alcohol abuse ... did I mention internalised homophobia? Because this is Flint we're talking about. ;)
  • outside POVs, different POVs than in canon (more "usual" POVs are great, too)
  • I like darker elements (violence, murder, noncon/dubcon, manipulation, depression, whatever fits your plot and isn't on my DNW list), but I'd prefer a happy or semi-happy ending. Feel free to make me bawl my eyes out, but please cheer me up again afterwards.
Do Not Wants:
  • character death of characters I like (random side characters or antagonists dying is fine)
  • serious illnesses, permanent injuries (blood and wounds that will heal again are fine)
  • completely tragic/bleak endings
  • animal death/cruelty
  • genderbend of any kind, mpreg, A/B/O, characters being werewolves/vampires/anything than what they are in canon
  • unrequested ships (including canon ships)
  • unrequested crossovers or fusions
  • complete AUs (canon divergence is fine, but please no high school AUs, coffee shop AUs, in space AUs, groundhog day AUs etc.)
  • gen/pre-slash
  • unnecessary epithets, please use characters' names/pronouns unless their name isn't known to the POV character
  • 1st and 2nd person fic
  • for porn: detailed kink negotiation, safewords for scenes that don't involve consent play; scat, watersports, coming in pants, crossdressing, feminisation, body modification, ageplay/infantilisation
Kinks I like to read about:
  • anal, oral, fingering, rimming, intercrural, and frottage are all great
  • biting, bruising, marking, branding
  • asphyxiation/choking/breathplay
  • rough/angry sex, arguments/fighting/sparring leading to sex
  • dressed sex, dressed/naked, clothes kink (suits, uniforms, gloves, boots etc.), neat characters being dishevelled for once, casual characters cleaning up nicely
  • size kink, strength kink
  • D/s (I prefer casually developing kink rather than minutely negotiated, formalised BDSM; if anything under-negotiated kink is a plus for me)
  • bondage, chains, ropes, collars
  • spanking, flogging, riding crops, caning
  • knife play, blood play
  • consent play
  • dirty talk (including the humiliating kind), voice/accent kink
  • banter, teasing
  • hand kink; fisting
  • stubble/beard burn
  • messiness (sweat, come play, dishevelled hair/clothes)
  • characters being overwhelmed, begging for more, becoming speechless ...
  • sex on tables, against walls, on the floor, on a chair, in the shower ... (sex in beds is great, too)
  • masturbation/fantasising about the other before getting together
  • competence kink, admiration
  • praise kink
  • scars and their history
  • oral fixation (while smoking, drinking, talking ...)
  • sharing cigarettes, clothes, food ...
  • sleep-related themes: waking each other from nightmares, falling asleep on each other's shoulder etc.

Note on other characters/pairings:

I'm so obsessed with Thomas/James at the moment that I didn't feel like requesting anything else, but that doesn't mean you can't include other characters in your fic, too. I like most other characters on Black Sails with the exception of Silver and Max, so I'd prefer if those two didn't show up (mentions of Silver for plot reasons are fine, but I'd rather he didn't play a big role/get mentioned a lot). I don't ship Flint with anyone except Thomas, so please no Silver/Flint or Billy/Flint or any other Flint ships.

I am however super interested in Flint's relationships with Gates, Madi, and Hennessey, should you want to include them/mentions of them. I love Jack, Anne, and Jack/Anne a lot. I love Eleanor and would be fine with some kind of AU in which she lives and shows up in the fic, and I also really enjoy Rogers as a character and as an antagonist for Flint. I ship Vane/Teach like it's my job and probably would have requested it if not for my mad current Thomas/James obsession. I find Miranda's relationship with both Thomas and James interesting and am fine with mentions of it or with her appearing in flashbacks, but I'm not particularly interested in AUs in which she survives. I see both Thomas and James as gay rather than bi, so I'd prefer not to read about either of them sleeping with women (unless it's James having angsty trying-to-prove-to-himself-that-he's-straight sex before he meets Thomas).

James Flint/Thomas Hamilton
  • I need all the reunion fics about them. What happens after their hug in that field? I want to read all about them catching up and rediscovering each other's bodies and talking about what has happened in those ~12 years they were apart, I want tender reunion sex, Thomas taking care of James's wounds, James trying to confess all his horrible wrong-doings and thinking that Thomas might not forgive him for them (for letting Miranda die, for all the people he's killed, for murdering Gates) and Thomas who still accepts and loves him unconditionally.
  • We all agree that they're not going to stay on that plantation, right? Give me Flint planning a slave revolt or other daring escape plan with Thomas's help. They were partners once before, I'd love to see them being partners again, under different circumstances. Related, I'd love for Thomas to witness all the things Flint is capable of - James McGraw was brilliant and determined, but Flint is an unstoppable determinator with ridiculous charisma and I just want Thomas to realise that. :D
  • Where do they go after that? Do they retrieve the treasure and buy themselves a house and a farm somewhere far far away from anyone who knows their names? I'd love to read all about them retiring somewhere and living happily ever after with a lot of books.
  • BUT I'd also love to read about neither of them being able to do that. Flint just spent twelve years fighting for a cause he believed in, Thomas spent twelve years deprived of the means to fight for any the things that matter to him. Thomas is an idealist, he might not want to turn his back on the world. So what I'm saying is, I'd also read philosophical discussions about their duty to the world, or plotty fic about them seeking out Madi again to resume where they left off. I'd love for Thomas and Madi to meet. Basically: if you want to give me Flint making Thomas de facto king of the West Indies? I will love you forever. Power couple James/Thomas is my jam. It'd also be interesting to see how Thomas being around would tone down Flint's most violent, destructive tendencies, and how Thomas isn't quite the naive, trusting pacifist he used to be anymore.
  • identity issues! For all that talk about "leaving Captain Flint behind", you can't just stop being who you were for twelve years. James is as much Captain Flint as he's James McGraw. I'd like to see him struggle and possibly reconcile with that, or Thomas explaining to hm that he loves him for everything he is, not just his vision of who James used to be in the past.
  • I love the mutual respect between them. How much they trust and rely on each other, how they discuss everything and confide in each other and work together.
  • outside POVs! Of the other people on the plantation, of Madi and her people, of the pirates. They're a pretty odd couple, the soft-spoken, gentle, amiable English aristocrat most people get along with, and the glaring, brooding, terrifying pirate. And yet Thomas is not one bit afraid of standing up to Flint and arguing with him, and Flint softens visibly whenever he's around Thomas.  I'd love to see what other people make of them.
  • I'm so intrigued by James's fucktons of issues with being in love with and desiring Thomas. All the internalised homophobia, the shame, but also the guilt for not saving Thomas (as if he had a choice), and the feeling that he doesn't deserve Thomas anymore after all the things he's done as Captain Flint, and the shame he might feel about specific things he's into ... and I love Thomas helping him through all these things and reminding James that it's okay, that he's allowed to love him and desire him and Thomas wants him to.
  • What has Thomas been through all this time? How has that changed his view of the world, and how he'll see what James has become? What's he going to think about all of James's confessions, about the war, his plans etc.?
  • porn. The world needs more porn about these two. Things like Thomas slowly seducing James back in London or gentle reunion sex post-canon, but I also have a desperate need for more filthy kink. Caning and flogging and riding crops (James is a Navy man, I bet he's had fantasies about strong authority figures punishing him for his ~sins~ since he was a boy) and other kinds of punishment, and general D/s with Thomas ordering James around and James calling him "my lord" in bed (and Thomas post-canon really getting off on terrifying pirate!James still kneeling for him and following his orders in bed), and James getting off on "servicing" his lord by fucking him as hard as Thomas likes it, but also James manhandling Thomas and fucking him roughly on every available surface. I generally love Thomas getting James into new things and reassuring him that whatever shameful, sinful things James desires, it's okay and Thomas is fully on board with them. And I love Thomas coaxing James into admitting what he wants and asking for it. But also James getting Thomas into new things he wasn't into before. I am, in case that wasn't obvious, all for switching. :D
  • this deserves its own bullet point: choking. I don't mind if it's back in London or post-canon or who's doing the choking. Thomas gently encouraging James to choke him in London because James loves touching his throat, Thomas having James choke him post-canon because it makes him feel safe and taken care of, James getting off on putting his life in Thomas's hand and letting him choke the living daylights out of him. :D

James Flint/Thomas Hamilton & Thomas Nightingale (Rivers of London)

I blame this fic and the surrounding discussions for making me want a Rivers of London fusion in which Flint becomes the genius loci of (a big part of) the Atlantic Ocean after/while dying, and Thomas also becomes immortal as his consort, kinda like Oxley and Isis in the books. :D I'd love to read anything about that 'verse, even if it doesn't include Nightingale personally, like how Flint became immortal, or how Thomas became immortal, and if maybe some time passed in between during which Flint had to angst about losing Thomas again, or anything about what they were up to the following 300 years and how their relationship changed over time.

And in the spirit of the relationship I actually requested, I'd love to see them interact with Nightingale. Could be something set in the 1920s, Thomas Hamilton enjoying the wild Roaring Twenties in London and meeting this brilliant young wizard, or in the 1930s during Nightingale's travels all through the Empire. Maybe Flint very grumpily saved a drowning Nightingale's life once? Or it could be set in the present day, Nightingale and Flint & Hamilton meeting again after maybe not seeing each other for a few decades - maybe there's a case that involves a friend of Flint's or Hamilton's and they're curious about what's going on, or maybe Nightingale needs their help with an investigation. Maybe they're curious about Nightingale finally taking on an apprentice.

I'd imagine that Hamilton and Nightingale would get along great - Nightingale is brilliant, educated, funny, stoic and pragmatic, and pretty impressively open-minded, so I imagine that Hamilton would really like him. Flint probably can't stand the Folly and everything it stands for - England, the Empire, all that arrogance and dismissiveness towards the demi-monde, and he probably wouldn't give a shit that Nightingale is one of the better ones. I imagine that he'd approve of Peter on principle, but also side-eye Peter for supporting an institution like the Folly that never would have accepted him a few decades ago.

Basically, I just want immortal Flint and immortal Hamilton flouncing through the modern world, Flint being a literal raging storm of anger issues and Hamilton being the walking embodiment of acceptance and the two of them having been in love and together for a few centuries, and anything on top of that is a bonus. Casefic? Awesome. Character studies? Awesome. Any kind of interaction and conversations with Nightingale and/or Peter? Awesome. Partying in 1920s London? Awesome. Hamilton and Nightingale bro-ing it out? Hamilton and Nightingale having a steamy affair because after 200+ years Flint is sort of okay with his husband occasionally fucking someone else? Awesome. Flint and Nightingale sniping at each other because they hate each other's guts? Awesome. Flint and Nightingale grudgingly working together even though they hate each other's guts? Even better. Loving descriptions of vestigia? Awesome. Weird creepy magic sex? Definitely awesome. Flint and Hamilton meeting Peter and Peter really not being sure what to make of them? Sounds great. Thomas "no shame" Hamilton enabling Peter's crush on Nightingale and doing his best to get them to get together?  Also awesome. Any of these things or any combination of them would be an absolute joy to read. I'm easy to please, I just really love this crossover. :D

Note: I firmly headcanon Nightingale as gay, so should it come up in any way, please no het for him. And I don't ship Peter/Beverley and generally don't like Beverley much, but I wouldn't mind seeing Ocean God Flint interact with the any of the other River gods, the Old Man or Oxley or Mama Thames or Tyburn.

And that's it. I hope you find something in all this rambling that works for you, dear author, some prompt you enjoy or some trop you like writing. I'm looking forward to reading whatever you come up with. :)

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