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Dear writer!

Thank you for writing for me and having a look at my letter. My letters always get fairly long, but I prefer listing a whole lot of stuff in the hope that my writer likes some of the things I mentioned, rather than only listing two prompts they might hate. Obviously I don't expect you to include every single thing I mention in this letter. I've got some general likes and dislikes listed - those are the important bits, really. They're followed by a list of kinks I like, should you feel inclined to write porn, and some fandom-specific prompts, but if those don't work for you - as long as you include a thing or two that I like and don't include my DNWs, I'm sure I will love whatever you write for me. :D

Some fandom-specific sections turned out longer than others, but that's only because I had more ideas for these fandoms. I would be absolutely delighted to receive a fic for any of these fandoms. :D

I have only requested fic for all my fandoms because I'm not very good at coming up with art prompts and I'd feel bad for any artist who got matched to me and then had nothing to go on. But if any of my requests give you an idea for art, I would absolutely love to see that, too! :)

I use the same name on AO3 and tumblr as here.

Things I like to read about:
  • first time/getting together: slow burn, pining, UST finally getting resolved, but also antagonistic hate sex or casual hookups that are only later followed by feelings
  • developing relationships: relationship conflicts after the characters got together, trying to figure out how to make things work, some things maybe not working at first, temporary breakups, basically anything that doesn't assume that first time sex -> perfect relationship
  • porn, especially porn with feelings/porn that says something about their relationship (see list below for kinks I like)
  • enemies to lovers, partners to lovers
  • reluctant allies grudgingly starting to like each other
  • non-verbal expressions of affection
  • familiarity, intimacy, characters getting to know each other better (their habits, their hangups etc.)
  • pre-canon/background stories
  • post-canon fic
  • canon divergence
  • casefic
  • moral dilemmas, characters having to question/go against their principles
  • loyalty, devotion, trust, but also trust/commitment issues
  • obsessive, codependent, complicated relationships
  • unhealthy/unusual relationships that should be a trainwreck, but work for the characters involved
  • us-against-the-world
  • villains/sociopaths in love, bad guys who would literally burn down the rest of the world for each other
  • jealousy, possessiveness
  • age differences
  • competence, characters being smart and skilled and good at what they do; characters with different skill sets complementing each other
  • hurt/comfort (after injuries/exhaustion, not so much with illness)
  • angst: self-doubts, guilt, shame, internalised homophobia, nightmares, fears, self-destructive tendencies, alcohol abuse ...
  • infidelity (not between my requested ships, but one half of my ship cheating on their previous partner with the other half of my ship)
  • outside POVs, different POVs than in canon (more "usual" POVs are great, too)
  • I like darker elements (violence, murder, noncon/dubcon, manipulation, depression, whatever fits your plot and isn't on my DNW list), but I'd prefer a happy or semi-happy ending. Feel free to make me bawl my eyes out, but please cheer me up again afterwards.

Do Not Wants:
  • character death of characters I like (random side characters or antagonists dying is fine)
  • serious illnesses, permanent injuries (blood and wounds that will heal again are fine)
  • completely tragic/bleak endings
  • animal death/cruelty
  • genderbend of any kind, mpreg, A/B/O, characters being werewolves/vampires/anything than what they are in canon
  • unrequested ships (including canon ships)
  • unrequested crossovers or fusions
  • complete AUs (canon divergence is fine, but please no high school AUs, coffee shop AUs, in space AUs, groundhog day AUs etc.)
  • permanently unrequited love or permanent breakups for my ships
  • gen/pre-slash
  • unnecessary epithets, please use characters' names/pronouns unless their name isn't known to the POV character
  • 1st and 2nd person fic (unless the canon itself is in 1st person, then it's fine)
  • for porn: detailed kink negotiation, safewords for scenes that don't involve consent play; scat, watersports, coming in pants, crossdressing, feminisation, body modification, ageplay/infantilisation
Kinks I like to read about:
  • anal, oral, fingering, rimming, intercrural, and frottage are all great
  • biting, bruising, marking, branding
  • asphyxiation/choking/breathplay
  • rough/angry sex, hate sex, fighting/sparring leading to sex
  • dressed sex, dressed/naked, clothes kink (suits, uniforms, gloves, boots etc.), neat characters being dishevelled for once, casual characters cleaning up nicely
  • size kink, strength kink
  • D/s (for my requested ships I prefer casually developing kink rather than minutely negotiated, formalised BDSM; if anything under-negotiated kink is a plus for me)
  • bondage, chains, ropes, collars
  • spanking, flogging, riding crops
  • gun play, knife play, blood play
  • consent play
  • dirty talk (including the humiliating kind), voice/accent kink
  • banter, teasing
  • hand kink; fisting
  • stubble/beard burn
  • messiness (sweat, come play, dishevelled hair/clothes)
  • characters being overwhelmed, begging for more, becoming speechless ...
  • sex on tables, against walls, on the floor, on a chair, in the shower ... (sex in beds is great, too)
  • masturbation/fantasising about the other before getting together
  • competence kink, admiration
  • praise kink
  • scars and their history
  • oral fixation (while smoking, drinking, talking ...)
  • sharing cigarettes, clothes, food ...
  • sleep-related themes: waking each other from nightmares, falling asleep on each other's shoulder etc.

The Accountant
Christian Wolff/Braxton

What I'd like to see in fic:
  • first time fic, whether it's set in the past or post-movie. For this ship, probably with a ton of angst and pining - Chris who's already aware of how different he is and who's very aware that wanting to fuck his brother is hardly normal, and who's worried about taking advantage of Braxton's willingness to do anything for him. Brax who's equally worried about talking Chris into something he might not really want. I love how complicated and messed up any relationship would be between them, and how they'd both still find themselves unable to have an even remotely serious relationship with anyone else.
  • when did they start wanting each other? did anything sexual happen between them in the past? when they were teenagers, or when they were both in the Army? If yes, was that maybe one of the reasons why Chris didn't contact his brother for ten years - he thought Braxton would be better off without him, that he could lead a normal life without Chris around to make things weird? Of course Braxton would be furious about that, since he's been pretty miserable without Chris.
  • I love failures of communication between them, in both directions, but also ways in which they understand each other better than anyone else: Brax who knows all of Chris' hangups and habits and needs, Chris who finds Brax so much easier to read and get along with than most other people.
  • post-movie fic in which they meet up again as planned. Maybe they stay together for a while because they both had to burn their previous civilian identities. Maybe they work together for a bit. Maybe they don't work together and just meet up sometimes.
  • recurring kink for me, but voyeurism, especially Chris watching Brax with other men, both because he thinks he can't have Brax and because Chris doesn't have the most active sex life himself and likes to live vicariously through his brother. Can be either Brax talking Chris into being in the same room with them, or Chris watching Brax through binoculars from another building, whether it's with or without Brax's knowledge.
  • I liked Dana a lot and wouldn't mind her appearing in the fic, but I don't ship Chris/Dana.
  • anything about their respective relationships to their father and how that influences their relationship with each other: Braxton seems a lot more resentful and bitter about the way their father raised them, while Chris doesn't really seem like he's angry at their father for how he raised them (possibly because his father died saving his life, so Chris might feel like he still owes him). I could also see some conflict arising out of the fact that Chris still does the "exercises" their father had him do (the noise and bright lights), and Braxton would want him to stop because he's aware of how much their father fucked them both up.

Black Sails
James Flint/Thomas Hamilton

I've been obsessed with these two ever since the finale and I desperately need more fic about them in my life. Pre-canon, post-canon and canon divergence are all amazing. I really adore how much Thomas influenced James, how much he changed him and how much of what Flint does in canon he does because of Thomas. I'd love to see more of that. I'd also love to see how that dynamic would continue post-canon - if Thomas is a calming influence on Flint, or if on the contrary Thomas is ready to fight the world after what they did to him and just eggs Flint on.

Feel free to include any of the other characters from the show, except for Silver and Max, both of whom I just don't like much.  I find Miranda's relationship with both Thomas and James interesting and am fine with mentions of it or with her appearing in flashbacks, but I'm not particularly interested in AUs in which she survives. I see both Thomas and James as gay rather than bi, so I'd prefer not to read about either of them sleeping with women. I'm super interested in James's relationships with Gates, Madi and Hennessey and would love to see more of that. I also love Jack, Anne, Vane, Teach, and Eleanor a lot.

What I'd like to see in fic:
  • I need all the reunion fics about them. What happens after their hug in that field? I want to read all about them catching up and rediscovering each other's bodies and talking about what has happened in those ~12 years they were apart, I want tender reunion sex, Thomas taking care of James's wounds, James trying to confess all his horrible wrong-doings and thinking that Thomas might not forgive him for them (for letting Miranda die, for all the people he's killed, for murdering Gates) and Thomas who still accepts and loves him unconditionally.
  • We all agree that they're not going to stay on that plantation, right? Give me Flint planning a slave revolt or other daring escape plan with Thomas's help. They were partners once before, I'd love to see them being partners again, under different circumstances. Related, I'd love for Thomas to witness all the things Flint is capable of - James McGraw was brilliant and determined, but Flint is an unstoppable determinator with ridiculous charisma and I just want Thomas to realise that. :D
  • Where do they go after that? Do they retrieve the treasure and buy themselves a house and a farm somewhere far far away from anyone who knows their names? I'd love to read all about them retiring somewhere and living happily ever after with a lot of books.
  • BUT I'd also love to read about neither of them being able to do that. Flint just spent twelve years fighting for a cause he believed in, Thomas spent twelve years deprived of the means to fight for any the things that matter to him. Thomas is an idealist, he might not want to turn his back on the world. So what I'm saying is, I'd also read philosophical discussions about their duty to the world, or plotty fic about them seeking out Madi again to resume where they left off. I'd love for Thomas and Madi to meet. Basically: if you want to give me Flint making Thomas de facto king of the West Indies? I will love you forever. Power couple James/Thomas is my jam. It'd also be interesting to see how Thomas being around would tone down Flint's most violent, destructive tendencies, and how Thomas isn't quite the naive, trusting pacifist he used to be anymore.
  • identity issues! For all that talk about "leaving Captain Flint behind", you can't just stop being who you were for twelve years. James is as much Captain Flint as he's James McGraw. I'd like to see him struggle and possibly reconcile with that, or Thomas explaining to him that he loves him for everything he is, not just his vision of who James used to be in the past.
  • I love the mutual respect between them. How much they trust and rely on each other, how they discuss everything and confide in each other and work together.
  • outside POVs! Of the other people on the plantation, of Madi and her people, of the pirates. They're a pretty odd couple, the soft-spoken, gentle, amiable English aristocrat most people get along with, and the glaring, brooding, terrifying pirate. And yet Thomas is not one bit afraid of standing up to Flint and arguing with him, and Flint softens visibly whenever he's around Thomas.  I'd love to see what other people make of them. I'd especially love to see people being utterly terrified of Thomas because they think he'd have to be terrifying for Captain Flint to listen to him.
  • I'm so intrigued by James's fucktons of issues with being in love with and desiring Thomas. All the internalised homophobia, the shame, but also the guilt for not saving Thomas (as if he had a choice), and the feeling that he doesn't deserve Thomas anymore after all the things he's done as Captain Flint, and the shame he might feel about specific things he's into ... and I love Thomas helping him through all these things and reminding James that it's okay, that he's allowed to love him and desire him and Thomas wants him to.
  • What has Thomas been through all this time? How has that changed his view of the world, and how he'll see what James has become? What's he going to think about all of James's confessions, about the war, his plans etc.? (I'd prefer not to read detailed accounts of his time in Bethlem. Mentions of it and how that fucked him up are fine, but please nothing extremely detailed.)
  • porn. The world needs more porn about these two. Things like Thomas slowly seducing James back in London or gentle reunion sex post-canon, but I also have a desperate need for more filthy kink. Caning and flogging and riding crops (James is a Navy man, I bet he's had fantasies about strong authority figures punishing him for his ~sins~ since he was a boy) and other kinds of punishment, and general D/s with Thomas ordering James around and James calling him "my lord" in bed (and Thomas post-canon really getting off on terrifying pirate!James still kneeling for him and following his orders in bed), and James getting off on "servicing" his lord by fucking him as hard as Thomas likes it, but also James manhandling Thomas and fucking him roughly on every available surface. I generally love Thomas getting James into new things and reassuring him that whatever shameful, sinful things James desires, it's okay and Thomas is fully on board with them. And I love Thomas coaxing James into admitting what he wants and asking for it. But also James getting Thomas into new things he wasn't into before. I am, in case that wasn't obvious, all for switching. :D
  • this deserves its own bullet point: choking. I don't mind if it's back in London or post-canon or who's doing the choking. Thomas gently encouraging James to choke him in London because James loves touching his throat, Thomas having James choke him post-canon because it makes him feel safe and taken care of, James getting off on putting his life in Thomas's hand and letting him choke the living daylights out of him. :D
Crossover idea: I didn't request it because I ran out of slots, but I'd absolutely love to read a Black Sails/Rivers of London fusion/crossover in which Flint becomes the god of the Atlantic Ocean and Thomas as his basically husband becomes immortal, too (kinda like Oxley and Isis in the books). I blame this fic and the surrounding discussions. I'd love to read anything about that 'verse, like how Flint became immortal, or how Thomas became immortal, and if maybe some time passed in between during which Flint had to angst about losing Thomas again, or anything about what they were up to the following 300 years and how their relationship changed over time. But I'd also love to read this as an actual crossover in which they meet Nightingale, whether it's before the war when Nightingale was a young man, or in the present day so they could meet Peter, too. If you'd be interested in writing that idea, I wrote a few more prompts and ideas about this in my Black Sails Exchange letter.

Tom Brant/Porter Nash

Brant is such an asshole and I love him for it: he's unabashedly violent and manipulative and selfish and dishonest; at the same time he does care about people (Robinson, Falls), and it's not like he doesn't have a sense of humour. I love that for all his assholery and homophobic comments Brant doesn't seem to have even the slightest problem with Nash being gay. Nash seems at first so much more polite and well-adjusted, but then you realise that he's tough as nails underneath and almost as fucked up as Brant, just a lot better at hiding it. I love the fact that both these smart, tough guys have a ton of issues - nightmares, blackouts, a drinking problem ... I love their immediate rapport: how Brant respects Nash right away despite insulting him, how he goes to Nash's place in the middle of the night to talk about his problems, how Nash opens up to him in return - basically that entire scene when Brant shows up at Nash's place is my favourite thing; and I love their trust and their willingness to do fucked up shit together; moments like Nash quietly handing Brant a gun to kill someone with after he just as quietly watched Brant beat the crap out of them.

What I'd like to see in fic:
  • casefic, especially if they use somewhat unconventional methods again
  • slow burn getting together fic in which they work together for ages and neither of them wants to make the first step (Nash because he knows better than to hit on his apparently straight macho coworker, Brant because he's very uncomfortable with having feelings for a guy)
  • or conversely: rough hookups they never talk about and pretend didn't happen, because they just work together, it's not like there are any feelings involved, right?
  • internalised homophobia and masculinity issues on Brant's part, especially contrasted with how comfortable Nash is with his sexuality (I'm fine both with Brant being so completely in denial he's never slept with a man before, or just deeply closeted and hooking up with men in secret and horrified by the very idea of anyone who knows him ever finding out he's gay)
  • jealousy: maybe Nash starts seeing someone and that's the kick in the ass Brant needs (either to finally make the first step, or to admit that their hookups meant more than he liked to admit)
  • anything dealing with how fucked up they both are, Brant's alcoholism, his blackouts, both their violent streaks ...
  • more about their past: are they still in touch with their families? any nice, friendly exes of Nash's who might show up on the doorstep and wonder what the hell he's doing with this alcoholic, chainsmoking macho asshole? any unsolved old cases being re-opened? old enemies wanting revenge?
  • for porn: I'm open to anything, but one idea I'd love to see would be Nash as a dominant bottom who loves telling Brant exactly how to fuck him. If you want to go kinkier with this - Brant getting off on Nash ordering him around, humiliating dirty talk about how Brant is just a dumb brute who's not good for anything but fucking Nash, Nash putting a collar on him ... But, again, totally optional, if you want to write fluffier, gentler sex, I have no objections to that. :)
Crossover idea:

Feel free to ignore this if you don't know both canons or just don't like crossovers or hate this particular idea. I'd love to see a crossover between Rivers of London and Blitz (apparently I like to cross RoL over with a lot of canons). They're both canons about London coppers, so it'd be easy to have Nightingale and Peter and Brant and Nash meet on a case. Maybe Brant and Nash are trying to solve a murder that turns out to have a magical background. Brant would think Nightingale is the poshest snob he's ever met, Peter would hate Brant's obnoxiousness and violent tendencies, Nash would desperately try to get Brant to behave around the gentlemen who can do magic ... (and who knows, maybe Nightingale is into Brant, I'd be very amused by a Nightingale/Brant hookup ;)) A casefic in which these four have to work together and keep clashing with each other would be wonderful to read.

Fast and the Furious series
Deckard Shaw/Owen Shaw

This ship combines my love for incest and my love for ruthless, horrible villains who would do anything for each other. I love how much of a scheming bastard Owen is, who probably enjoys manipulating even Deckar (who probably knows it and just doesn't care). I love Deckard being an overprotective raging One Man Army who will burn the world down for his little brother. I love that they care about absolutely nothing in the world but each other.

I was not happy with what canon did with them in the most recent movie, so I'd prefer if we could just ignore that. I'm not interested in the watered down version of them where Owen was just manipulated by Cypher and Deckard is secretly not all that bad and also likes babies. Yeah, no. No, thanks. I want to read about them being the unrepenting, murderous fucks we got in F&F 6 and 7.

What I'd like to see in fic:
  • Deckard is 8 years older than Owen, so Owen was still a kid when Deckard joined the military: how did that go? Was there any resentment on Owen's side? Did he just have a big case of hero worship, since he followed his brother's example as soon as he could?
  • at what point did they go from big brother/little brother to equals?
  • how did they both manage to get kicked out of the SAS? Did they fuck up? Did one of them fuck up and the other followed him into exile, so to speak? Did they get blamed for someone else's mistake? Did they get greedy and start making money on the side? Or anything about that time the military sent a ton of Special Forces guys to kill Deckard and they failed?
  • post-F7 fic: either Deckard breaking out of prison and being there while Owen recovers, or Owen waking up from his coma and getting back to his feet and breaking his brother out of prison (I'd prefer if Owen didn't have any permanent health issues from his coma; it's an action movie, people can survive horrific injuries with not much more than a few scars, right?). How does almost dying/getting locked up change their relationship? Roaring rampage of revenge y/y? (While I like the protagonists of the F&F movies, I'm not so emotionally attached to them that I wouldn't happily read about the Shaw brothers getting their revenge against them.)
  • any kind of first time fic would be great. When did the incestuous obsession with each other start? When they were still pretty young? Did teenage Owen somehow manipulate his big brother into giving him what he wants? I'm fine with underage as long as Owen is at least 15ish by the time they actually sleep with each other, and I'm cool with Owen fantasising about his brother/being all around inappropriate towards him even when he's younger. Or did it only start when they were in the military together and Deckard saw Owen more as an equal than as his little brother? Did it only start after they got kicked out of the military?
  • for this pairing I love obsessive pining, voyeurism before they get together (i.e. watching each other screw other people), possessiveness/jealousy ("I will kill you if you ever let anyone else fuck you" and the like), rough sex, completely obsessive incestuous codependency, being horrible people to everyone but each other, delighting in each other's horribleness, delighting in each other's badassery, sweaty rough sparring, gun/knife play, kinking on being brothers - basically go kinky if you like.
  • while I didn't like what F&F8 did with them otherwise, Cypher was a really cool villain, so if you wanted to write a plotty, action-y fic in which the Shaw brothers go after Cypher together (not for ~corrupting~ Owen, but maybe simply because she fucked them over at some point), that would be awesome.
  • I'm always here for F&F/Expendables crossovers, whether it's just the Shaws and the Expendables working together, or the Shaws and Lee having history from their time in the SAS, or Owen banging Lee because he looks like Deckard ...

The Hateful Eight
Chris Mannix/Marquis Warren
  • post-canon fic in which they somehow survive - I think most of my prompts go in that direction (please let's pretend Warren only got shot in the upper thigh and everything is still intact? or, idk, he got one ball shot off, but the rest is still there)
  • maybe Mannix was less injured and manages to patch Warren up, and they weather the storm together until someone finds them? Warren dealing with the fact that Chris Mannix of all people saved his life, twice.
  • Sheriff Mannix and bounty hunter Warren having a drink every time Warren brings in a bounty and slowly developing the oddest friendship
  • the two of them working together as bounty hunters (with lots of competence kink and being turned on by the other one being so damn good at killing people, while also being disgusted when remembering where the other one learnt to kill so well)
  • antagonistic friendship where they get along great at times and want to strangle each other at others
  • protectiveness, loyalty kink, especially if they're surprised by how much they've grown to care about each other
  • anything about Warren's or Mannix's past: where Warren grew up, how he escaped (I'm assuming that's what's happened), his time in the Union army and afterwards; Mannix's family, his childhood as the runt of the litter, how obsessed he is with his father (daddy issues!), his war experiences, the Mannix Marauders ... Feel free to have them meet old friends or old enemies in your fic.
  • them being amoral bad guys who are both awful in their own way - they're not nice or good people and I like that
  • hate sex; or huddling for warmth leading to sex; or post-battle sex in the blood of their enemies/bounties ...
  • for porn: I usually don't have fixed top/bottom preferences, but in this particular case, I doubt Warren would be okay with not being completely in charge of anything that happens between them. And Mannix seems to be pretty okay with letting Warren call the shots.
  • kinks: uniform kink, scars, D/s, Warren ordering Mannix around and getting off on the way Mannix calls him "sir", humiliation kink, daddy issues (Warren teasing Mannix in bed with how disappointed his father would be in him if he could see him right now), size kink, restraints, a bit of spanking/flogging, discipline/punishment, gun play, knife play, boot kink, rape roleplay (Mannix can't admit what he wants, but he's fine with letting Warren take it as long as Mannix can pretend he doesn't want it), dirty talk, praise kink (because Mannix can be such a good boy) ...
  • dubcon with Warren manipulating Mannix into doing things he's not 100% okay with, although I'd prefer if Mannix ended up enjoying it, even if he feels very ashamed about it
  • shame, internalised homophobia, guilt: I doubt Mannix is happy with being attracted to men, I don't know if Warren is; either way they're both probably very unhappy with being attracted to this particular man
  • forgot to nominate it (again), so feel free to disregard this, but I'd totally read a Hateful Eight/Magnificent Seven crossover, if you know both canons and feel like writing it; Mannix would probably freak out at least as much about meeting Robicheaux as he did when he met General Smithers, Robicheaux would play Mannix like a fiddle, Warren would roll his eyes and probably also try and fail to get Robicheaux to pull on him, Billy would be amused by Mannix and probably keep a close eye on Warren in case he tries anything. Or maybe Warren and Chisolm know each other and Warren can't believe that Chisolm is friends with Goodnight Robicheaux of all people.

내부자들 | Inside Men
Ahn Sang-goo/Woo Jang-hoon

I love all the intrigue and scheming and revenge plotting in this movie, and of course I have a massive soft spot for characters with very different morals and ideals working together. I love how Jang-hoon, the "good guy" of the two, the righteous, principled one who believes in justice, is also a rude dick who seems to antagonise people just because it's fun and people suck, while Sang-goo, the violent, fairly ruthless gangsters, is much more amiable (unless you cross him, of course). I love how their relationship starts completely antagonistic and turns so much friendlier in absolutely no time, how quickly Sang-goo decides to trust him, basically putting his life in his hands (and so shortly after finding out another person he trusted fucked him over and betrayed him), I love how their initial insulting each other quickly turns into much friendlier banter, how they keep teasing each other. And, you know, how the movie basically ends with them deciding to go on a date because that's totally something you do with people on the other side of the law whom you don't even know all that well. ;D

Sang-goo's hand is exempt to my "no permanent injuries" DNW, by the way, I don't want you to retcon or fix that. But I'd still prefer that nobody lose any further limbs, except maybe their antagonists in prison. ;)

What I'd like to see in fic:
  • I could read a hundred different post-canon getting together fics about them: how do things continue between them after that last scene? Do they jump each other's bones that very night because they've been flirting almost since they met? Do they proceed to have months or years of slow-burning UST and pining while they become friends and meet up for dinner all the time and tease each other and banter and neither of them wants to ruin that by making the first move? Does it take some kind of outside element like one of them getting hurt for them to get over each other? Does one of them maybe make the first move, but gets rejected (because the other one is repressed or whatever reason), and they only get together much later?
  • if you want to write something plotty: the post-credit scene heavily applies that Lee&co aren't done yet, so what if they are let out of prison a few years later and want to get back at them?
  • all the banter and insulting each other, including in bed. Also, how that banter gets friendlier over time, how Jang-hoon's insults slowly turn into endearments (he already says "gangster" in the fondest voice at the end of the movie).
  • maybe some conflicts arising out of the whole "lawyer and gangster" thing? Maybe Jang-hoon can live with a certain amount of illegal stuff he knows Sang-goo is up to, but there are lines he won't let him cross (at least not to his knowledge)? Maybe Jang-hoon gets somehow dragged into one of those deals, like someone thinking it'd be a great idea to abduct Sang-goo's BFF/lover to blackmail him? Of course Sang-goo would burn everything down to get him back and Jang-hoon would be fucking furious that was even necessary.
  • I love repression and denial in fics, for either one or both of them: I can see Sang-goo as fairly relaxed about his sexuality because he's a gangster who does what he wants anyway, but I could also see him having a lot of masculinity hangups and being in complete denial about wanting men. I can see Jang-hoon not giving a fuck because he strongly believes all people should be equal (though he'd still be incredibly closeted, of course), but I can also see him being completely repressed because he knows how much anything like that would hurt his career and his dream of a successful, normal life. I could see a total top clash where they're both willing to sleep with a man, but neither is willing to bottom because they'd consider that way "more gay". Additionally, I could see Sang-goo having some issues about anyone staring too much/touching his right arm, and Jang-hoon just not giving a shit because he still wants him more than anyone else.
  • I really enjoyed those scenes with Jang-hoon's father, how much those two bitch at each other while still clearly caring a lot, and also how incredibly polite and respectful Sang-goo is to him (because he does have manners, unlike some people ;)). So if you felt like including him, and what he thinks about his prickly asshole of a son befriending the gangster he stashed at his place that one time, that could be great.
  • I'm mostly into post-canon fic for these two, but I also wouldn't mind some kind of canon divergence where some part of their revenge/justice plan goes wrong and they have to improvise, although I would prefer a happy ending.
  • if you want to write smut: suit porn, rough sex, manhandling, roughness, lots of banter in bed, competitive sex, arguing about who gets to top or maybe convoluted deals ("if you blow me, you get to fuck me") even once they're both enjoying pretty much all of it, lots of body worship (Sang-goo's tattoo and insanely perfect muscles, and maybe also petting the stump of his arm), sauna sex, spanking (maybe Sang-goo gets tired of Jang-hoon being a rude little shit), and really any of the kinks I listed above.
  • I could definitely see some fluffier things for them, too, especially once they are together: nice dinners, Sang-goo getting Jang-hoon gifts and Jang-hoon complaining about it, visiting his dad again and hanging out by that lake, actually running off to the Maldives to spend a week doing nothing but sprawling around drinking Mojitos ... I'd prefer not to get nothing but domestic fluff, but I'd be very okay with including some fluffy elements in whatever fic you're writing.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Vortigern/Uther, Vortigern/Arthur

I loved pretty much everything about this movie, from the amazing soundtrack to the awesome costumes to the hilarious dialogues to the really all around cool characters. But what really made the movie for me was Jude Law's completely over-the-top, wonderfully ruthless but completely tormented, power-hungry Vortigern. And because I can't resist villains and incest, well, here we are. I'm requesting Vortigern/Uther and Vortigern/Arthur, but I could also totally go for Vortigern/Earl of Mercia for all the evil loyalty kink or Vortigern/Catia for EVEN MORE INCEST. :D So if you felt like combining those ships in your fic, I would be delighted.

Most of my prompts for this fandom are noncon or really fucked up dubcon, so feel free to ignore my usual likes about wanting my ships to be happy together. I'm also perfectly okay with Uther's canonical death, although I'd still rather not read about either Vortigern or Arthur dying. I do however love Vortigern coming out on top in some kind of canon divergence, so please don't write me a fic about Arthur locking Vortigern up in his dungeon or something like that (unless it's a set-up to Vortigern getting out and getting his revenge).

What I'd like to see in fic:
  • I'd love for Vortigern to have had an obsessive thing for Uther since they were young - whether it used to be all love that only slowly turned into jealousy and resentment or whether there was resentment from the start
  • unrequited Vortigern/Uther would be interesting, but I'd also love to read about them having had a sexual relationship when they were younger and Uther eventually calling it off (maybe when he got married) and Vortigern being furious about it
  • canon divergence AU in which Vortigern captures Uther alive and *handwave* keeps him for some magic rituals to bind the sword to him: basically he keeps Uther locked up in a dungeon or in a nice, comfortable, but inescapable room ... to use him for weird blood magic, to flog orwhip him, to fuck him, to rant at him how much this is all Uther's fault for not loving him enough ...
  • a verse in which Vortigern captures young Arthur, basically raises him as his own son, teaches him to love him as much as Uther never did, and grooms him while he's at it (underage down to about fifteen is fine and even very welcome)
  • generally Arthur as a replacement for Uther would be really hot, or anything else that plays on the incestuousness of these ships - Vortigern loving any similarities in looks between them, or loving it when Arthur reminds him of Uther ...
  • maybe Vortigern decides to have some more fun with Arthur when he has him captured in canon - whether it is because he wants him or because he simply wants to punish him for giving him so much trouble
  • canon divergence AU in which Vortigern wins at the end and also *handwave* keeps Arthur around for whatever reasons, blood magic, flogging, fucking, ranting, see above ;)
  • considering that canon pretty much implied that Arthur definitely worked in that brothel, what if the king availed himself to the pretty young man there one night? Maybe Arthur even enjoyed it, which makes everything that happens later in canon all the more fucked up for him.

The Magnificent Seven
Goodnight Robicheaux/Billy Rocks
  • canon told us how they met, but how did they become partners/friends/lovers? I figure Billy was rather suspicious of this guy who tried to befriend him after watching him kill a bunch of men in a bar fight. Did they like each other immediately or was it more of a business partnership at first? When did they realise just how much they care about each other?
  • how they got to know each other: the first time Goody mentions the voices he hears to Billy, the first time Billy realises Goody has trouble killing people, the first time Goody talks about the war, the first time Billy has to go find Goody again because Goody rode off in the middle of the night, but also the first time Billy mentions any of his past experiences (I read in an interview that Billy was an indentured servant until he killed his master and ran away? so maybe something about that), I bet he has his share of issues and nightmares as well, and it'd be nice to see them help each other.
  • generally I'd love to know more about their past, before and after they met; tell me about Goody's upbringing and war experiences and why he went West after the war, tell me about his family, if he maybe had a wife and children who died during the war, tell me about what Billy was up to in the years between running away and meeting Goody, how he became such a good fighter in the first place, how he survived and made money before he had Goody to 'navigate the white man's prejudice' for him. I'm also always here for them running into old friends or enemies - and I can imagine that some of Goody's old friends wouldn't approve of the company he's keeping now
  • related to this, considering that Goody comes across as a fairly educated guy, he probably comes from money, meaning he probably used to own slaves before the war. And Goody strikes me as the kind of guy who probably considered that not so bad because he thought he was nice to them (yeah, yeah, I know, historical canons are a pain sometimes, but I find the moral value dissonance fascinating). So how would Billy feel about that, considering that he used to be a slave in all but name? Does it bother him? Does he not care because he only cares about how Goody treats him in the here and now? And what about Sam, should you include Sam in your fic? He and Goody are thick as thieves in the movie, so is that just a thing they don't talk about, ever? Or does it fall under "the past is the past, the war is over, let's not dwell on it" for Sam?
  • things they taught each other; gifts they got each other - maybe Billy could barely read when he met Goody, maybe Billy taught Goody a lot about living in the West if they met shortly after Goody left the South; maybe Goody got Billy all those beautiful knives of his, maybe Billy sometimes tries to get Goody useless, beautiful little things that remind him of home and happier times.
  • did they pull any other schemes than the back alley fights + betting we see in canon? Goody clearly worked as a bounty hunter for a bit, so maybe they did that for a while?
  • post-movie fix-it fic in which they survive and recuperate and maybe return to the road; or what are they up to while they're still injured? if Billy was worse off than Goody, how do they make money while Billy can't fight again just yet?
  • first time/getting together: who made the first move, especially when they both might well have been worried about ruining their partnership that way? I'd love to see either long pining and UST before they get together, or them hooking up fairly early on when they didn't care enough about the other one yet to worry about ruining their partnership. Also, did they have previous experiences with men before or was that all carefully repressed?
  • I love the trust and loyalty between them, how unspoken and self-evident it is for them to stick together - how did they get to that point?
  • for porn: dirty talk, knife play, gun play, D/s (don't care who's in charge, both work for me), switching, hair-grabbing, beard kink, shaving porn, rough post-battle sex, kneeling and hand-kissing and other expressions of loyalty (again, in both directions), and obviously everything else on the kink list above
  • forgot to nominate it (again), so feel free to disregard this, but I'd totally read a Hateful Eight/Magnificent Seven crossover, if you know both canons and feel like writing it; Mannix would probably freak out at least as much about meeting Robicheaux as he did when he met General Smithers, Robicheaux would play Mannix like a fiddle, Warren would roll his eyes and probably also try and fail to get Robicheaux to pull on him, Billy would be amused by Mannix and probably keep a close eye on Warren in case he tries anything. Or maybe Warren and Chisolm know each other and Warren can't believe that Chisolm is friends with Goodnight Robicheaux of all people.

Rivers of London

I really love the setting of these books, I'm incredibly fond of many of the characters, I'm crazy about Peter and Nightingale's relationship, and I really love Peter's narration style (the self-deprecation, the irony, the pop culture references, his love for London and for architecture). I love worldbuilding for this fandom, especially anything related to the history of the Folly (because I love the Folly a lot), and Peter's admiration (fanboy crush) for Nightingale. I like it when Peter and Nightingale are both being emotionally constipated and not very good at talking about their feelings and probably misunderstanding each other quite a bit (although I would like if they figured things out eventually and got a happy ending), and I'd love anything dealing with Nightingale's very probable PTSD and depression and loneliness (and how having Peter with him helps at least somewhat).

I also like many other characters in the books and wouldn't mind at all if they appeared in the fic, especially all the Met/Folly characters. Seawoll is probably my third favourite character in the series, I love how he seems like a bit of a cliché at first, but is actually a smart, dutiful, good police officer who cares a lot about his subordinates; plus he's absolutely hilarious. I do however dislike Beverley and Peter/Beverley, and I'm generally not a huge fan of the Rivers, so I'd prefer if they didn't appear in the fic. I'm fine with Lesley appearing, but briefly rather than as the main focus of the fic. I firmly headcanon Nightingale as gay, so I'd rather not read about bi!Nightingale. I'm not super into the idea of Nightingale/Mellenby, should that come up.

I have read The Hanging Tree, so no worries about spoilers.

Thomas Nightingale/Peter Grant
  • any sort of first time/get together fic. I think it's obvious that they care about each other a lot, but they're both not the most emotionally available people and they're both very aware of the hierarchical differences between them, so I'd be extremely interested to see how they would ever move from their friendly, but professional relationship to a romantic one.
  • anything domestic. I want to see all the details about their life together. Their breakfast conversations. Their Latin lessons. Exasperated Nightingale trying to teach Peter something while Peter gets distracted. Peter showing Nightingale weird shit on the internet and Nightingale being all "you are not serious, this is not a thing people do". Nightingale telling Peter about stuff people used to do when Nightingale was young and Peter thinks Nightingale is pulling his leg. Playful banter over a beer at the pub. Comfortable silences while Nightingale watches rugby in the coach house and Peter sits next to him reading stuff on the internet. I have a thing for how easily they settle into each other's lives and routines, how they get used to each other's habits and how they become such a central part of each other's lives.
  • I have a soft spot for Nightingale saving Peter when Peter is in danger. I'd especially like to see the fall-out from this: Nightingale being shaken after almost losing the last person he has left in the world, maybe getting a little emotional (for his standards) but trying not to show it; Peter realising just how much Nightingale cares about him and so on. If you'd rather have Peter save Nightingale for once, I would love to read about that, too.
  • I'm very fascinated by Nightingale's past. Either flashbacks or Nightingale telling Peter about his past, about previous cases he worked, about his family or friends or colleagues, about his time at Casterbrook, about what the Folly used to be like before the war, about his life after the war etc.
  • semi-related: any fic taking into account that they grew up in very different eras and also come from a very different social class - things that seem normal to one of them might seem utterly impossible to the other, when it comes to education, knowledge, technology, but also social rules, relationships, sex ...
  • if you like to write plotty casefic, I'd love to see them work a case in the style of the books. If you combine this with any of the stuff above, all the better. Ghosts? Werewolves? Demons? Horrible murders? Someone is mindcontroling powerful people? A weird magical disease breaks out? Secret books or other dangerous items get stolen? Someone tried to break into the Folly? Something from Nightingales's past comes back to haunt him? The Faceless Man made his next move? I'd also be intrigued by any combination of supernatural and modern elements (the internet/TV equivalent of the Rivers, any supernatural being using the internet for supernatural crimes, industrialised magic, ghost hackers, cyberpunk demons, whatever you can come up with – anything that will require Nightingale's knowledge of the supernatural and Peter's knowledge of the modern world).
  • related, I love moral dilemmas, and these books are all about doing what's right and making morally sound choices. So, if you write casefic, what if there is no simple, right solution to whatever case they're working? What if Peter has to do something he doesn't want to do, or at least let Nightingale solve it the old-fashioned way? What if Nightingale and Peter disagree on how to deal with a too powerful enemy? What if Peter's approach of community policing over sabre rattling backfires in one case? Feel free to make this dark, I'm always here for angst and guilt and "I had no choice, but I'm still going to beat myself up about it forever because I should have found a better solution".
  • this is slightly cracky and I have no idea what you'd have to do to make this work (visions? dreams? weird time travel accident?), but I'd love for Peter to see the pre-war Folly somehow, and maybe see (meet?) pre-war Nightingale and his friends; do what you want with this. I'd even go for a total AU in which Peter was born in the early 20th century and becomes Nightingale's apprentice in the 20s/30s and everyone at the Folly is scandalised because Peter isn't white and the Folly was kind of a wealthy white guy club, and Nightingale doesn't really care because he's fond of Peter. (And by "I'd even go for that", I mean "I've been requesting this for years and would probably die from happiness if someone wrote it for me". ;))
  • inspired by The Hanging Tree: car sex! banging in the Ferrari! on the Ferrari! Nightingale and Peter racing in the Jag and the Ferrari and having adrenaline-fuelled wild sex afterwards!

Thomas Nightingale/Alexander Seawoll
  • why does Seawoll dislike Nightingale so much? what happened? bitter exes? angry hook-up after a case gone wrong? Nightingale got a friend of Seawoll's killed? or just magic got a friend of Seawoll's killed and he blames Nightingale for it? maybe young Seawoll wanted to become Nightingale's apprentice, but had no aptitude for magic? I know the fandom favours the idea that it was probably something petty and inconsequential, and I wouldn't be surprised if that turned out to be true in canon, but for fic I'd definitely prefer something a bit deeper.
  • the age difference, especially for background fic! old, jaded, depressed Nightingale and young, ambitious, brilliant Constable or Sergeant Seawoll, working their first case together - did they always dislike each other? did they get along well at first until something went wrong? Seawoll's antagonism seems to be based on something more serious than just not liking Nightingale as a person or thinking he's a posh snob, so I'm sure something really bad must have happened between them/to them/to Seawoll or someone he cared about because of "weird bollocks".
  • this is less of an endgame, they-lived-happily-ever-after ship for me, but I still would love to see a canon era fic. Again, antagonistic hookups? Or maybe something friendlier, since they seem to be getting along a bit better by THT? Maybe they sit down, have a drink, and talk about whatever it was that caused Seawoll to hate Nightingale's guts all those years ago, and things go from there?
  • for porn, Seawoll is such a big guy that any ship with him is just asking for size kink, wall sex, manhandling ... Also, hate sex! Seawoll wanting to mess up Nightingale's perfect suits and perfect hair. Nightingale using magic in bed and Seawoll being intrigued despite himself.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Male Revan/Canderous Ordo

I love this game so much! I strongly prefer Dark Side Revan, although I'm also fine with a more morally grey version of Revan if that's what you want to write, who's not really interested in this whole binary opposition of good and evil, but just does his own thing. Actually even with Dark Side Revan I prefer Pragmatic Evil and ruthless, power-hungry ambition to Ludicrous Evil and "bwahahaha I kick puppies in my free time for the Evulz". Mostly I'm just not interested in redeemed, saintly Light Side Revan. If you want to include any of the other characters, be my guest, although I'd rather not read about Bastila. I especially love HK-47 a lot.
  • loyalty kink, because Canderous canonically just about worships the ground Revan walks on, so I'd love to see anything that expands on that - kneeling and hand-kissing and "loyal dog" rhetoric, including things liks Revan calling Canderous his dog in bed
  • violent post-battle sex: Canderous loves a good fight and he considers Revan the greatest warrior who ever lived, so I bet they get up to a lot of blood-soaked fun after fights
  • DS!Revan ruling the galaxy post-canon with Canderous as his general
  • I'd also like to see disagreements between them, whether it's because you write a less unequivocally cruel and power-hungry Revan or simply because Revan and Canderous sometimes disagree on how to rule the galaxy or how to treat defeated enemies or whatever; I'd love to see both Revan respecting Canderous' opinion, and putting his foot down and reminding Canderous of his place when he's done arguing
  • inappropriate uses of the Force: Force-choking, Force-bondage, rough pain play combined with Force-healing, inappropriate uses of telepathy - making Canderous hallucinate, making him feel Revan's presence in his mind, Revan controlling his body while letting Canderous be aware of what he's doing (I'm fine with dubcon, although I'd prefer if the relationship in itself was consensual/if Canderous basically considered it Revan's right to do whatever he likes with him) ... did I mention Force-choking? ;D
  • mind bonds are generally a lot of fun to play around with: Revan staying in touch that way when they're apart, invading Canderous' dreams, commenting on Canderous' actions or thoughts, whispering into his brain when Canderous is jerking off or fucking someone else
  • I'd prefer if Revan, no matter how DS, was at least somewhat emotionally attached to Canderous and didn't only consider him a useful tool, even if that might be his main motivation for keeping him around; I also love the whole villains in love trope, Revan loving Canderous with all that mad, possessive Dark Side passion ...
  • I forgot to nominate it, but if you wanted to write Revan/Canderous/Carth with Revan and Canderous keeping Carth around as a prisoner and slave for their entertainment? I would love that. Revan mindfucking Carth, playing with him, Canderous letting Carth loose so they can spar and fight and then Canderous fucks him bloody "after giving him a fair fight", Revan watching their games through Canderous' eyes and joining them afterwards to mindfuck Carth a bit more or make Carth grovel at his feet ... (Poor Carth, I don't know why I like torturing him so. ;))

And that's it! That got long, and I already had to scratch a couple of requests because I ran out of slots. I hope you find something that works for you in this letter, dear writer, either a prompt you like or just some general likes or tropes that you enjoy writing. I love all these fandoms so much and I'm very much looking forward to reading whatever you're going to write for me. :D

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