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Probably not, I know. Well, just in case there are people I haven't talked to death yet with my Stannis obsession ... I set up a Stannis fan community because people convinced me that this is a good idea. ;D Well, I think it IS a good idea, I just hope there'll be more than three people over there. So, if anyone needs more Stannis discussions, art and fic recs, ranting, general fangirling or anything else related to the true lobster snarker king of Westeros in their lives ...

---> [ profile] theirongauntlet is your friend.

Not much going on there for the moment, but I hope that will change, soon. ^^
You know what pisses me off? Blatant hypocrisy in fandom. I mean, I get it, we all have favourite characters and we are a lot more forgiving about their faults, and we have characters we already despise, so of course we're going to be even harder on them when they fuck up. And that's okay, we're all human and biased. But when two characters DO THE EXACT SAME FUCKING THING, and you applaud one of them for being badass and cool and doing the right thing, and hate on the other for doing something so utterly horrible and evil ... it's just dumb. It's okay to hate characters, and it's okay to be protective of characters you love. But that doesn't mean that those you hate can't occasionally do something cool. Nor does loving a character mean that they don't occasionally fuck up and do something wrong. But if character A doing something is totally badass (or at least acceptable), I don't see why character B doing the same thing is horrifying and wroooong.

The most obvious example of this is the kind of people who yell OMFG DOMESTIC ABUSE at Robert slapping Cersei, but cheer loudly and happily when Tyrion slaps Joffrey. Make up your mind: either hitting people is wrong, then you shouldn't be so happy about Tyrion slapping his thirteen-year-old nephew. Or you think that occasionally people are such dumb shits that they deserve a slap, and in that case I don't see why you get all outraged about Robert slapping Cersei. Because the situation was very similar. You don't get to feel all righteous and outraged about the one and applaud the other. I could go on and on with examples (kings executing people for high treason, which is apparently cool when "flawless" Robb does it, but despicable when "evil" Stannis does it; or kinslaying/shrugging it off when someone else kills your relatives), but then I'd just get angry. Angrier. *grumble*

Just, argh. Don't mind me, I'm in a ranting mood.
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I needed a way to spend the afternoon with procrastination (rather than write my fics for [ profile] got_exchange and [ profile] asoiaf_exchange, or write those kink meme fics I want to write (whaaaat, part of me really wants to write graphic Melisandre/Stannis rape fic), or write some more about young Stannis and bb!Renly, or get started on my huge Stannis appreciation post for [ profile] game_thrones),  so I finally, a hundred years after everyone else, got a tumblr account. I have no fucking clue what to do with it, tbh. Mostly I created the account so I could follow other blogs more easily, but not that I have it, I feel like I should use it. But somehow tumblr feels so ... self-indulging to me. Like you're talking to yourself. And posting to yourself. Even more so than LJ. I just feel silly posting rants there (because I've got LJ for that), or pictures that everyone has already seen anyway.

But, question to you, dear f-list, do you guys have any tumblrs I should follow? Or can you rec any tumblrs that may be relevant to my interests? So my tumblr account can stop looking so sad and lonely and empty? It's like a Stannis account, all alone with no friends. In case anyone cares, my username over there is the same as here. I'm too lazy to come up with something new every time I join a new site.

Btw, I'm sure everyone has seen it by now, but the Game of Thrones comment on the newest Castle episode was just wonderful. I love this show so much.

And I already got started a bit on my appreciation post by looking for quotes, and there's this wonderful passage in ASOS that sounds suspiciously like Tywin having a tiny little fanboy moment about Stannis. It makes me happy.
spoilers for ASOS and AFFC )
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Mhm. I want to sign up for [ profile] asoiaf_exchange (because there can never be too many exchanges, right?), but I have such trouble coming up with prompts that are not about Stannis. Or rather, I can think of prompts that may be interesting, but I know that I'm going to be so very disappointed if someone writes one of those prompts for me and not one of my Stannis prompts. I mean, I'd love to see stuff like that Jon/Aegon AU that keeps going around in my head, or a proper Rhaegar/Lyanna non-con fic (what's up with people romanticising this pairing?), or a sympathetic take on Randyll Tarly, or a fic about the Blackfish's past or his future plans, or about Victarion getting his ass kicked during the Greyjoy rebellion, or about Roose wiggling his way out of the current situation at Winterfell ... Or I want stuff that I know nobody is going to write, like Victarion making Daenerys' dragons turn on her. I don't want to write a prompt that just sound like, "I hate this character, please kill them in an awful way." Even though it would make for an interesting story, in my opinion, it's just kind of a dickish prompt to write. And it's bad enough that all my Stannis prompts include, "please kill Melisandre?"
We're supposed to include at least one popular pairing or character, but the popular pairings or characters either don't interested me at all (Jaime/Brienne, Robb/Jon, Ned/Catelyn, that kind of thing) or there's already so much fic for them that I really don't see why I should waste a fic written just for me on this (I really like SanSan, but I know there will be enough SanSan even without me requesting it). I still have a bit of time to think about this, but in the end it just comes down to me not liking the popular pairings (or at least not being interested enough in them to request fic), to me wanting weird shit that nobody wants to write, and mainly to me wanting to read Stannis fics more than anything else.

And I just saw that one Castle episode in which one guy quotes ASOIAF. "You do not understand, detective. You woke the dragon." He sounded all serious, and there was ominous music in the background. Haha, what a crossover. I love Beckett so much. ^^

Oh, and can anyone explain to me why Chopin only wrote a single piano trio? I love that piano trio so much more than any of his other work. I'm usually not a big fan of Chopin, much of his work is too dreamy for my taste. (Yes, gasp, someone who plays the piano and does not adore Chopin, I know, what a crime.) But that piano trio  ...
I spent the entire day yesterday figuring out the assignments for the fic and art exchange on [ profile] got_exchange. Why did I think this was a good idea again? No, to be fair, I really enjoy this whole mod business, it's fun. I just didn't expect 30 participants. Most assignments were really easy because many people like the same characters and pairings anyway, but in the end I was left with a handful of weirdos (including myself), who instead of shipping Jaime/Brienne and Robb/Jon like everyone else wanted fic about the Greyjoys, the Boltons and Stannis. I mentioned to [ profile] outboxed that it sounds like the beginning of a really weird joke: "A pirate, a sociopath and a king walk into a bar ..." We couldn't find a punchline, though. The joke would probably end with everyone dead anyway.
But it's done now, everyone has their assignments. And so far I haven't had any angry "are you out of your mind, giving me these shit prompts?" mails yet.

Anyway, today, instead of focusing on the prompt I have to write like a good girl, I finally thought a bit about writing some Stannis/Sansa. Spreading the love for my insane pairings and all. But not only would I have to write het (which is, in itself, really hilarious because I usually don't like het and I've never written any in my life), but I realised that I would have to write het from the point of view of a 13-year-old virgin. JUST HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT??? Or rather, how am I supposed not to laugh hysterically when Sansa thinks about his "manhood"? Really? I mean, the scene is supposed to be utterly awkward and weird, but I still don't want to laugh madly while writing it. And I do want to write from Sansa's POV. Omniscient POV wouldn't work, I think, and Stannis' POV ... I'm afraid it would make him look a bit emo, tbh. That man has so many issues, especially when marrying a gorgeous young girl, I'd probably just end up with several pages of self-loathing.

I have no idea what to do about this. Manhood. Who even invented that word? It's so ridiculous.
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Or not. There's this tumblr with ASOIAF "confessions", pretty much like fandom secrets, mostly rather silly, uninteresting stuff. But I was kind of bored and had a look at it, and one of the first things I saw was this. Probably someone else just had the same idea as me, but since I have never seen anyone else even mention this ship, I can't help but wonder if my constant spamming of Stannis/Sansa as endgame OTP is not showing results and I actually converted someone. If I did, it would really crack me up. If not, I'm apparently not alone in thinking they'd be great together. Either way, it's pretty awesome. Call me self-centred and megalomaniac, but I love it when I manage to convert other people to my crazy rare pairings.

I also just saw an epic movie at the Fantasy Film Festival here in Berlin, called Super. The theme is a bit similar to Kick-Ass - a rather normal, not very smart or strong or rich guy decides to put on a costume and become a superhero. It's more brutal than Kick-Ass, but absolutely hilarious. Ellen Page as batshit crazy side-kick was amazing, and Nathan Fillion had a small role as Holy Avenger, a character on some crazy Jesus TV show. Seriously, this movie is all kinds of awesome. The director was there, and he did a cute little speech before the movie. "This is not a movie for everyone. It's a movie for the oddball, the outcast ... the geek. People like you!" Anyway, watch Super. It's great, if you like that kind of thing.
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So we just had this totally mad, huge discussion over at [ profile] game_thrones . It was like a few hours of mad trolling and venting and raging and rambling and it was awesome. I realised that I am not the only person who thinks Stannis would be an awesome king. I'm probably still fairly alone in worshiping the very ground he walks on (well, me and Davos), but there is more Stannis love out there than I would have expected. This is good. I still don't get half the popular opinions in this fandom.

I just realised how weird an entry this is after, what, three months of nothing from me.Sorry. ASOIAF and King Stannis The Awesome have eaten my brain. That and real life being a bitch. A more normal entry might come at some point in the future. It might only consist of random fangirling and quotes, though. 'cos Stannis is the man who blessed the world with sentences like, "You chatter like magpies, and with less sense" and "The law should be made of iron, not pudding." You need to be Stannis Baratheon to say "pudding" in a terrifying way.

Also, I need to repost this epic macro, because it so perfectly expresses how I feel about Daenerys (never mind the spelling mistake). )

And to think I used to like her. Huh. But with each book I feel more and more like she should just GTFO.



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