I just posted chapter twelve of Kindred Spirits. As I said, it's very short. Also it is hardly beta read at all, since my beta reader is extremely busy. But she assured me that there were no horrible mistakes. I hope she's right, and I apologise if there are any weird sentences and such things. As always, feedback is the easiest way to buy my affection. ;) Here's the link to the chapter .

Also I went to see some computer repair guy today. He told me that my computer probably could be repaired, but it would cost a small fortune, and chances are it will break down again in a couple of months. However, he was able to save my hard drive, and fortunately all my files are still there and in perfect order. I'm so relieved. I've decided to buy a new, big, beautiful computer monitor in order to make using my small laptop a bit more pleasant (it's really no fun watching movies on a 10 inch screen). That will give me some more time to save money and to think about what kind of a new desktop pc I am going to get. Gah, holidays and a new computer ... I'll be broke by the end of the year.

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Lots of things have happened, good things, bad things, other things. Starting with the bad thing: my computer broke down yesterday. Fortunately I still have my laptop, but it’s very small and I can’t really watch DVDs on it. Which is all the more frustrating because I’ve got seasons 3-5 of DS9 lying on my desk, waiting to be watched … and I can’t watch them. Gnaaa. I’ve recently watched the first two seasons, and that made me remember just how much I love this show. I am going to try and find out how much it would cost me to get my old computer repaired, and then I’ll have to decide if it’s worth the money or if I will have to buy a new one. All so expensive. :(

But there’s good news, too, and I guess that’s why I’m not completely depressed. I’ve written all my exams and am currently waiting for the results. Now I just have that stupid term paper to write, and unfortunately still no idea what to write it about. Damn. But there’s even better news: I’m going on holidays in about two months! 10 days in Dublin, Edinburgh and Glasgow (I know, 10 days is a bit short for three cities, but I can’t really afford more). Yaaaay! I can’t wait to go there. If anyone knows those cities and has recommendations on what I absolutely HAVE to do/see/visit, please tell me. ^^

Apart from that, a friend introduced me to True Blood, a vampire TV series, which is surprisingly good considering that most vampire stories are complete and utter crap. And Eric so looks like an evil version of Dyon … (my OC from Coming to Terms, remember?) Hihi. I’ve finished watching season 1 and will move on to season 2 at the end of the week. I’m just sad that the fandom is still rather small. Almost no fanfics, despite the incredible canon-slashiness.

After all this babbling you don’t care about, a few words about a more interesting subject. I have about 3100 words written for the next chapter of KS. That’s rather short, compared to the chapters before that (usually 4000-6000 words). However, it feels somehow fine as a chapter, and I think the next scene would feel out of place if I added it. Especially since I haven’t finished the next scene yet and, honestly, I have some difficulties writing it. So, I’ll think about it some more, but unless I change my mind the chapter will get just a little bit more work and then go to my beta before the end of the week. Depending on how long it takes her to beta read it, the chapter should be posted rather soon. Again, it will be a rather short one, with much fluff on the one hand and drow plotting on the other hand. I will save the big Artemis-Zaknafein-Drizzt-CB-confrontation for the chapter after that. I think. This will probably change again a hundred times. ;)

Btw ... I'm really not a theme-song-person, I almost never think of characters or pairings when I listen to music. But for some reason lots of songs have become Qui/Dooku-songs in my head ... Yes, Yesterday too. Why else do you think I would listen to the Beatles? Although I really should be listening to Nothing Else Matters, my Artemis/Zak-song. ^^
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Sudden flash of creativity last night. An idea presented itself, and it looks like KS is going to take a turn I really didn't expect. Looks like it might almost get something like a plot (yes, in chapter 12 ... which is not surprising, since I'm not all that interested in plots). I managed to write an additional 500 words just now, but since I haven't decided yet in what order the scenes I've written and the ones I'm thinking about are going to happen, half of what I've written so far might just end up in a later chapter. The new turn of events will force me to have Drizzt find out much earlier just how close Artemis and Zak really are, and I have been looking forward to writing that scene ever since I started the story. However, first I will have to write a scene with Artemis, Zak, Drizzt and CB, which is going to be a pain because 1) I'm no good at scenes with many people (i.e. more than two), 2) I hate to write Drizzt, 3) I have no idea how to write CB without shameless character bashing. She deserves it, but I don't want to overdo it either. Still, things are moving forward again. ^^


Jun. 28th, 2009 05:55 pm

Still fighting against this damn KS-chapter which apparently doesn't want to be written. I'm still a thousand words away from my minimum word count for a chapter (3500), what I've written so far is only average, and I am getting increasingly desperate. I just don't know what to write. The whole thing is not made easier by a sort of inflammation (to simplify) I have in my right wrist and which means that I am supposed not to use my right hand, i.e. I can barely type. In addition to that I signed up for a TPM ficathon and have to write a ficlet in the next two weeks, I am for some bizarre reason intrigued by another weird pairing (Dooku/Mace) and my mind is constantly trying to find an in character way to get them together, I am hopelessly neglecting university about three weeks before my exams ... and, well, in general, the longer you wait to write a chapter, the more difficult it gets. You may expect Artemis/Zak-fluff, scheming drow, Drizzt-torture, a bitchy Artemis, and deus-ex-machina Jarlaxle (what would I do without him? ;)). I just don't know in which order. If anyone finds my creativity on the street, please send it back to me. -.- Oh, AND I'm being distracted by reading Good Omens fanfics. I just read the book (finally!) and characters like Aziraphale and Crowley and their slightly suspicious "friendship" are just begging for slash. How can anyone expect me to be productive under these circumstances?
And I really sound whiny, I know.

Oh no. Four months of freedom have come to an end. My classes started again today. So far it was okay, nothing too remarkable. I am really curious what my other classes and teachers will be like. But then again, even the horrible teachers are usually nice and not too demanding in the first week, so I'll just have to wait and see. More detailed updates on my classes next week, I guess. I'm kinda nervous, and - worse - I know that I'll have a hard time adjusting to university again. At least I only have to get up early once a week. Since I am not a morning person at all ... that's a good thing. ;) And I suppose it's also important that I finally get back to university again. I was really happy these past few months, but I'm also getting increasingly frustrated with myself. I had so much free time, and I didn't do anything. I didn't read much, I hardly wrote anything at all, I didn't start to take piano and tango lessons again like I had intended (but I will ... hopefully). Strangely enough, I only do these things when I don't have the time to do them. When I have free time, I'm lazy. When I'm stressed, I get creative. So ... with a bit of luck there might be a fanfic update in the next weeks, now that I don't have much free time anymore. ;)

I really want to write the next KS-chapter, but except for a lot of the obligatory Artemis/Zak-fluff, I'm still not sure how to continue right now. More angsting for Drizzt and Zak? Sure, but I don't want to focus too much on Drizzt's point of view. So what am I supposed to do? Write Drizzt angst from Artemis' point of view? Or Zak's? Might just be interesting ... because Drizzt angst alone is unbearable. I'm also seriously considering bringing Kimmuriel and Rai'gy back into the story. Everything is going too smooth right now. And sooner or later I'll have to give Artemis and Zak something to argue about ... i.e. the fact that Artemis hates Menzo and that Zak hates the surface. Which is slightly annoying if they want to live together. ;) But I just don't know how to do all of this, and in what order ... Gna, it's frustrating. I'm open for suggestions, if you have any. ^^
My ongoing, extremely disturbing Star Wars infatuation eating up what little bit of creativity I have at the moment is not helping. At least I won't ever be tempted to write any Qui/Obi - there are (fortunately) so many fics about them that I feel like everything has already been written, and every fic I could possibly write would probably be stealing ideas from at least three other fics at the same time. So I just waste my time reading about them. ;) Unfortunately, though, another pairing has crept into my mind ... And there are virtually no Dooku/Qui fics, it's unbelievable. A couple of gen fics about them, and the few slashy fics that exist are really weird and insane, in a bad way (at least the ones I've found so far. maybe I just haven't found the good stuff yet). The poor guys are almost as neglected as Artemis and Zak. Ah, the temptation ... *sigh* But knowing my own laziness, I probably won't write anything about those two either, just as I still haven't even started to write any Rose of the Prophet slash. I definitely need someone to kick my ass and make me write again. Any volunteers? Because I really feel like those two deserve a good, slashy, part fluffy and part angsty fic (and I mean the good kind of angst, not a simple "omfg Dooku is soooo evil he does bad things to his poor lil padawan!"). Yeah. Because they are fluffy. You don't believe me? Most people would probably argue that Artemis/Zak or Gromph/Dantrag aren't fluffy either ... Well, they're all wrong. Strangely enough, it's the tough guys who can get really fluffy if you let them. Again, I mean the good kind of fluff. ;) I'm not making any sense to anyone but myself, am I? I really need to get my ideas straight if I want to write something. I'm just insanely in love with that pairing right now. I apologise for the rant.

Oh, and the really really good news. I FINALLY finished that horrible translation I had to do. 100 pages with the probably most boring text I ever read, and I had to translate it from German to French. It took a lot of time to do it because every page was a real pain. But it's finally done, and now I only have to think of the money I will get. And as much as I hated doing it ... I don't regret it, thinking of all the stuff I will be able to afford now. Not sure what I'm going to do yet, but I have no doubts that I will find something to spend the money on. ;)

Finally! I finished and posted
chapter eleven of Kindred Spirits. I'm so relieved it's done ... although I guess I won't be truly relieved until I get a few reviews and positive feedback. Still, it's done, so I can stop obsessing about this scene.

I finally started reading again, too. I read the first part of the Rose of the Prophet trilogy by Weis and Hickman in less than two days and I really love it. It is so unbelievably slashy ... You don't even need a slashy fangirl mind to see the slashiness in this book. I really like the setting, too: it's inspired by Arabian culture (desert nomads and all that stuff ;)), but still fantasy - so far there are only humans and no elves or something, but there are so called immortals (djinn, angels etc.) and the gods themselves interfere a whole lot. Did I mention that even the gods are slightly slashy? Honestly, what were the authors thinking? I'll probably rant more when I've read the other two parts, too. ^^ Still, I can already recommend it - interesting characters, a clash of different cultures, a nice fantasy setting, a good plot, slashiness, and unlike some other fantasy authors (*coughcoughSalvatorecough*) Weis and Hickman can actually write and don't make you cringe because of a crappy writing style. Exactly what a good fantasy book needs. ^^
I hope that once I've finished this series I'll finally be able to read other books again, too.

Apart from that, I'm sick. I'm cold, tired, puking my guts out and unable to eat anything at all. I know, too much information, sorry, I just felt the urge to whine a little. Well, nothing I can do about it. It'll go away.

Even if I had liked Drizzt so far I would hate him now ... I should stop whining, though. I think that the next KS-chapter is slowly getting acceptable, and I've accepted the fact that it will never be good. Prepare for a big disappointment, dear readers ... the chapter you've all been waiting for will be the worst of the whole story. But by now I think that it is be better to accept that, get it done, and move on, rather than spend another three months on it without making it any better. I'm pretty sure that the following chapters will be better. They can't be worse.

Unfortunately, my beta reader currently has a big computer problem (i.e. she has no computer), and I have no idea when she will be back. So I'm not really sure what to do ... I definitely need a native speaker to save me (and the readers) from the horrors of the stupid mistakes I sometimes make. Damn.

And in addition to all that, I'm getting increasingly frustrated with my own lethargy. For the past months I've been incapable of reading anything, and that even started before I dropped out of my course. I've started reading a lot of very different books, and no matter what I read I always lose interest after a while and stop reading. It's horrible. I finally have the time to read, and I have a bunch of great books at home ... and I can't bring myself to read them. I can't understand how that happened to a bookworm like me. Damn. Again.

Oh. I thought I should stop whining, not start ... Sorry.


Jan. 20th, 2009 04:08 am

Finally wrote a first rough draft of the next Kindred Spirits chapter. It's pretty long (5800 words), and I'm not sure if I won't take the last part out and put it in the next chapter. Either way it still needs a lot of work, I haven't even reread it once after writing it. I'll see about that tomorrow, I'm too tired now. Probably I'll hate it and decide to change most of it again ... But even then, a first version is done, and turning this draft into a proper chapter should be easier than writing the draft. Although it will still be insanely difficult.
Got a couple of ideas for the first chapter of Secret Intimacy, by the way. Maybe I'll write that when Drizzt is driving me crazy again. I want Kimmuriel and Rai'gy back, if only to steal Drizzt's screen, eh, page time. ;)

Arrrrrrrrrgh! I've rarely been so frustrated because of my writing. I really want to work on Kindred Spirits because my Artemis/Zak-love is stronger than ever (can't get them out of my head, it's scary), but Drizzt is killing me ... I just don't know how to write him in such a warped, insane situation, and keep him in character. I've never been very interested in Drizzt, I just don't know him as well as I do Artemis, Zak, or any other drow. I don't want any character bashing, despite the fact that I don't like Drizzt, but I want a realistic, convincing portrayal of his character with all his faults, and there are a lot of them. How should he react when he meets, at the same time, his arch-enemy, a man he hates and who has tried to kill him countless times, AND his father whom he loves and who was dead for decades? Especially since it becomes clear very quickly that those two men actually like each other (although Drizzt doesn't know yet to what extent ... *dirty grin*). It's driving me crazy. And even if I manage to write that scene, what will happen afterwards? Drizzt and Zak both think they love each other, and they're hoping for a happy father-son-relationship ... except that there is no way they could get along. Zak won't understand Drizzt's opinions, his principles, his way of life, his choice of friends ... and Drizzt will have to realise that his father is not the shining hero he wants to remember, but a definitely "evil", unstable, dominant and quite intolerant drow who has much more in common with Entreri than with Drizzt. Sure, the love a father feels for his son, and a son for his father, can help a lot, but it won't really make them understand each other. It's simply hopeless.
*sigh* Somehow this made me feel better. It didn't really help, though. Kimmuriel, Rai'gy, Berg'inyon and Jarlaxle together were easier to write than Drizzt in this story.

First, the interesting part. I posted the prologue of a new fanfic called Secret Intimacy. It’s about Rizzen and Dinin. It won’t be slashy immediately, but soon … Yay, more slashy Do’Urden incest! ;) I see it as a kind of companion piece to The Seduction of Innocence (to which I still haven’t written the epilogue, bad Linn …). I wanted to compare the two only father-son-relationships in canon, Zaknafein and Drizzt on the one hand, and Rizzen and Dinin on the other. Okay, there’s also Rizzen and Nalfein, but we don’t know anything about them (although Nalfein might appear in Secret Intimacy, but I don’t know about that yet). The only thing we know about Rizzen and Dinin is that in Homeland Rizzen seems to be very proud of his son, in an almost … human way. Zak and Drizzt, however, are most of the time convinced that the other one is an evil hypocrite, and they usually think about killing each other. I liked the idea that two more typical, “evil” drow might have a much closer and happier relationship than the two “good” guys. That’s also why Secret Intimacy is going to be a happier, less disturbing story than The Seduction of Innocence. So, even people who didn’t like my Zak/Drizzt-story might like this. Give it a try. ^^

As for Kindred Spirits … I’m still working on chapter eleven. There are two scenes in the chapter; the first one is as good as finished, but the second one (which will be longer and much more important) is very hard to write. I’m a bit stuck and don’t really know what to do, but I got a couple of new ideas a few days ago, so maybe I’ll finally manage.

I’ve also decided that the next scene of Anger will be about Dantrag Baenre, and I already have a few ideas. Yay for Dantrag! Gotta love him.

Now, the less interesting part, I.e. my real life … Just in case anyone wants to know, I’m back in Berlin. I decided to drop out of my course in Paris a month ago because … well, mainly because the course I was in was extremely stressful and difficult, and the reasons I had once had to go through that weren’t really valid anymore. I had no motivation to continue and I felt terrible most of the time, and it’s a difficult course in which you can only succeed if you really work a lot for it. So, I decided that it was better to stop … although I know that it was probably not the most reasonable thing I’ve ever done in my life. Anyway, I’ll just continue my studies here in Berlin, as soon as possible. Can’t possibly be worse.

A miracle!

Nov. 16th, 2008 04:31 pm

This morning, at 6 am, I finished and posted the next chapter of Kindred Spirits . It's pure fluff, and reading it you'll probably wonder why it took me so incredibly long to write it. I don't know. I'll just try to be quicker next time. I'm already thinking about chapter eleven, but that doesn't mean that I will manage to write it soon.
Apart from that, life is crappy, as usual. Ah, well, I guess it could be worse.
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Finally! I've finished the Gromph/Zaknafein one-shot I've been talking about for weeks. It's called On the Verge of Insanity, posted as usual on ff.net. Allow me to remind you that reviews make me very happy. Extremely happy even. ;)

Well, that's done now, so maybe I can, after this incredibly, unpardonably long pause, move on to the next chapter of Kindred Spirits. I'll keep you informed. Just in the improbable case that you care. ;)

My, I’m so creative at the moment. *grin* I am proud to present [insert suspenseful theme music]:

A scene for Anger about Dinin Do’Urden (yes, I know, I posted that one a while ago)

The last chapter of The Seduction of Innocence (epilogue might follow, or not)

And I’m even happier to advertise the stories I’ve co-authored with Chi. Because they were fun to write, and I hope they're also fun to read. :D

The First Meeting (of Artemis and Jarlaxle, who else should it be? :P)

Taking Off the Masks (a Jarlaxle/Artemis scene set during Artemis’ stay as ‘Regis’ in Mithral Hall … slashy, fluffy, smutty)

Partners in Defeat (the sequel to Taking Off the Masks; set during Artemis' stay in Menzoberranzan after his fight against Drizzt; is going to be pretty much AU)

The Ambiguity of Trust (a looong story about Jarlaxle and Zaknafein’s relationship. Because even if RAS ever wrote that prequel, it would be crappy and not slashy. :P)

So … Do I need to beg and plead to make you all review? I don’t mind. Pleeeeeeeeeease. I’ll even try to make big puppy-eyes and everything. Don’t forget that I don’t have a life; reviews are my happiness. *grin*

Yay, five of my six written exams lie behind me! Now I've only my English exam left (which is tomorrow), and while that's the one I care about most, I know that it will be less difficult for me than the other exams. I survived in one week History ("Communism in international relations from 1918 to 1953"), French Literature (something about novels and morality, I'm too lazy to translate the whole subject), Sociology ("How can the role of the middle classes in French contemporary society be described?"), Maths (you don't want to know what that was about), and today Philosophy (with the "wonderful", short and complicated subject: "La servitude", which means about the same in French as in English ;)). Damn, I'm tired and I feel like my right arm is going to fall off from too much writing. But it's almost over. I still have classes in June, but no exams anymore, except for a couple of oral exams because my professors think that oral exams are soooo much fun! Yeah, maybe, if you're the one who's asking the questions.

I'm pissed off because my mp3-player died this week. I guess I shouldn't be surprised after two and a half years of daily use, but still. My poor money. *grumble* Not to mention that I won't be able to buy a new one before July, because I'm going to buy it in Germany, where such thingies are much less expensive than in France. I will have to find a new way of ignoring everyone around me. *grin*

Then again, I'm happy because I got many many nice reviews for the
latest chapter of Kindred Spirits. :D I'm all the happier because I had so much fun writing it. I'm looking forward to writing the next chapter; I'll try to start this week, maybe even tomorrow. So many things to do. *hops around happily* Kimmuriel and Rai-Guy are making everything even more complicated, and I love complicated. In the beginning. I hate it once I have to get the characters (and myself) out of the mess again. ;) But I can promise you that I won't mess it up the way I did with Out of Control. I couldn't make my ... well, not my OTP, because it's not the only one, but one of my TTP (two true pairings ;)) ... unhappy.

Ooooh, and I've had another stupid idea for a one-shot. I was thinking of an alternative version of what happened in Coming to Terms, one in which Artemis can't accept what he wants. Just a whole lot of angst and denial and sexual frustration. I have no idea why I want to write that. It won't even have smut in it. Okay, nobody reads my stories for the smut anyway, because I can't write smut. Still. So, I have no idea if I am actually going to write that or if it is just another annoying idea that will leave me alone if I ignore it long enough. I don't know, would anybody be interested in reading something like that?
Other things to write, for those who are interested: thousand more chapters of Kindred Spirits (at some point, you are going to beg me to stop ;)), a Rizzen/Dinin-companion piece to
The Seduction of Innocence (thanks to Ziggy for giving me the idea ^^), some Jarlaxle/Zak-stuff, a short Berg'inyon-Jarlaxle scene, and some day I might just continue Of Faith and Loyalty. *chuckle* It's not that I don't want to, but I don't know where I want to go with that story. And other stories are just more important to me right now.

And I found myself more music! :) I've been listening to nothing but Kurt Weill for a few days now. If you don't know who that is; well, to make it short, he was a German and later American composer (1900-1950), who is mostly known for writing the music to Bertolt Brecht's musical theatres (The Threepenny Opera, for example), but he has also composed many other things. And some of those songs are just so beautiful. *sigh* They make me want to start taking singing classes again. I miss singing. :(

Oooh, already three weeks since my last entry. My life must be incredibly boring. For others; I’m enjoying myself. ;) My holidays were great - I did absolutely nothing except spending time with my parents and with some friends, and watching seasons 3 and 4 of House M.D. (well, at least the episodes of season 4 that have already been released). With the unfortunate/fortunate result that I’ve spent the last week reading House/Wilson-smut … Ah, I had almost forgotten how incredibly hot Hugh Laurie is. And I don’t mean “he looks all right”-hot, but “I’d sell my soul to sleep with him”-hot.

Erm, anyway. The joys of a big fandom! Really, I’m not used to this anymore, not since I stopped reading Lord of the Rings fanfics some time ago. If there were even half as many Artemis/Jarlaxle, Artemis/Zaknafein or Ben/Charlie fics as there are House/Wilson-fics … I’d be so much happier. And I would spend even more time reading fanfics.

So, while my obsession with House is very entertaining, it also has its downsides (apart from the obvious one: I’ll never get what I want, but I’m kind of used to that). It means that I’m lazier than ever. I didn’t do anything for university during the holidays, and even since my classes started again on Monday, I haven’t done anything. (Please keep in mind that I have six important written exams in two weeks.) I haven’t even written the English essay I’m supposed to hand in tomorrow … but that’s also my professor’s fault, because she gives us so completely stupid assignments. *grumble* So, one more thing I’ll have to do this week-end.

As if the whole university crap wasn’t enough, there are absolutely no interesting movies coming out in the next weeks, unless I've overlooked one. If I believed in God, I’d say he hates me.

Mhm, but there’s also good news! I went to my tango class yesterday after a five-week-break (first my sprained ankle, then the holidays). It was great, there were only 10 people (I.e. 5 couples I.e. lots of space), and I managed to grab one of the two good dancers most of the time (the other three guys were rather clumsy). The fact that my feet hurt like hell after two and a half hours dancing on 10 cm-heels (I love my tango shoes, they’re very comfortable, but still rather new) was a prize I didn’t mind paying. ^^

AND I finally started writing the next chapter for my Forgotten Realms fanfic Kindred Spirits! :D I can’t tell you what will happen, I don’t want to spoil anything … But I can tell you one thing: I realised recently that I had to do something about Kimmuriel and Rai-Guy. The fact that Artemis and Zak are on the surface now doesn’t mean that Kimmuriel has simply given up his plotting, and Rai-Guy (and Berg’inyon, by the way) will play along gladly. I just don’t know yet what exactly they’re going to do. They can’t be too evil/cruel, because 1) Jarlaxle won’t let them, 2) I don’t want them to, because I don’t want Kindred Spirits to turn into a horrible angst party. Out of Control was enough angst for me for … some time. Kindred Spirits is supposed to be nicer. I want to humiliate Artemis and Zak, to annoy them, but not to torture and break them. I have quite a few ideas of what Kimmuriel and his associates could do, but nothing concrete so far. And even without them … Artemis and Zak won’t be bored on their journey. *dirty grin* If you happen to have any ideas on how Kimmuriel and the others could piss off Zak, tell me. ^^

I also found a House/Wilson mood theme somewhere on the internet; if I manage to use it I will do so. (See, Ziggy, my lj won’t be so dark anymore! :P) It’s not perfect, but I’m decidedly too lazy to create my own. Not to mention that some day I really have to prepare at least a tiny little bit for my exams. (Does anyone believe me? No. I can’t blame you.)

Enough useless babble for today. Hopefully I’ll update quicker next time. And now I’m off reading a few more fanfics before I go to bed. Have to make sure I’ll dream something nice tonight … ;) (I need to get a life, I guess. But real life is so boring and disappointing most of the time.)



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