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Because I just found a whole file of prompt fills (for my favourite fic meme) that I wrote about a year ago and, for some reason, never reposted anywhere else but on tumblr. Because I'm apparently an idiot. I'll probably throw the Tim/Raylan ficlet on AO3 as well because it's actually pretty great. Edit: I did actually post the Tim/Raylan fic on AO3, so apparently I only forgot about the existence of the other fics. Here it is again anyway, plus two brief Herc/Chuck ficlets as well as two Marius/Adam scenes - the only reason I even found this file again is because I was desperately looking for that fic I wrote about Adam cleaning blood off Marius' shoes with his sleeve and I couldn't find it anywhere on LJ.

Anyway, have some old fic.

Marius/Adam, Zip me )

Marius/Adam, X me )

Herc/Chuck, drink me )

Herc/Chuck, Zip Me )

Tim/Raylan, Invite Me )
iamgroove on tumblr asked Eve and me to do one of those "50 questions for your character" memes for Marius and Adam (our In Arcadia fake Bond villains). It took us ages because we are both procrastinating idiots, but WE ARE FINALLY DONE. And offering the world a good 13 pages of rambling with everything you never wanted to know about Marius and Adam. We did this whole thing together, I think I technically wrote most of it, but the ideas are all both Eve's and mine and we edited and discussed everything together, so it's very much a collaboration. These are the 50 questions we answered for them. We didn't do it in the style of a conversation with the characters because that's dumb, we just answered the questions for them.

All answers behind a cut. Or if you prefer a pdf, Eve uploaded the file here.

50 questions )
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I wrote another Marius/Adam ficlet for this fic meme on tumblr. The prompt was "Enamour me: write a ficlet about one character wooing the other." This includes suit porn, one of Marius' gorgeous villas, cake, Adam being Adam and Marius having the most expensive escort in the world as his birthday tradition. Friendly reminder that all of this is before they start sleeping with each other, that's how bad the UST is. ^^ I'm afraid I ended up completely ignoring the actual prompt. Ah, well.

Enamour me )
Title: Moment of Bliss
Fandom: In Arcadia (fake Bond verse)
Pairing: Marius Thorne/Adam Hayes
Rating: R
Words: 4783
Warnings: short but rather graphic mention of past rape, but what do you expect, it's Adam
Summary: Adam likes to spend his evenings curled up at Marius' feet. And yes, I wrote almost 5000 words of fic about that.
A/N: I'm ridiculous. This verse and this ship have eaten my brain.

Moment of Bliss )
Here are several ficlets - I don't want to say drabbles because I'm terrible at writing drabbles - that I wrote over the last weeks. I only posted them on tumblr because I hate to spam LJ with mediocre 4am-ficlets, but I figured it'd be nice to have them all in one place (and tumblr just sucks for fics). One of them is ASOIAF (Stannis/Sansa), two of them are Welcome to the Punch (Jacob/Max), and three are In Arcadia, a.k.a. our fake Bond movie (Marius/Adam is the best thing ever). The first four were written for this tumblr meme, the last two for a simple "give me three words and I'll write a ficlet inspired by them" meme. God, I'm sorry the formatting is such a mess, LJ hates me today.

ASOIAF, Stannis/Sansa, Quiet Me (1029 words) )
* * *

Welcome to the Punch, Jacob/Max, Join Me, 1020 words )
* * *
Welcome to the Punch, Jacob/Max, Quiet Me, 1147 words )
* * *
In Arcadia, Marius/Adam, Value Me, 1989 words )

* * *

In Arcadia, Marius/Adam, jealousy - doom - loyalty, 636 words )

* * *

In Arcadia, Marius/Adam, Queen - devotion - country, 629 words )

I wrote something. Which is … sort of fanfic, but really original fic in a pre-existing verse? This requires some explanation. [ profile] serpentsign and I have been plotting a fake Bond movie on tumblr – I mean it's long been obvious that Mark Strong needs to play a Bond villain, and then this beautiful photoset kicked off all kinds of discussions about our fake Bond movie (which we should totally get to write because it would be awesome). Anyway, we decided that Mark should play rich disillusioned ex-politician-turned-idealistic-but-somewhat-insane-terrorist Marius Thorne who really thinks the world would be better off if he had half the politicians killed and replaced with people of his own choosing so he can run the show, and Richard Armitage should play his right-hand man, ex-Special Forces soldier Adam Hayes who was left to rot in a prison in the middle of nowhere by his handlers when a mission turned bad, from where he was saved by Marius, and then he ended up being his most loyal supporter (and his personal hitman).

Plot-wise, Bond is supposed to find out who the hell is killing off influential political figures. Adam convinces Bond that he has some useful intel on Thorne and that he wants to redeem himself after becoming a gun for hire when he got out of prison. Of course he's working for Thorne all along. Cue betrayal, explosions, gun fights, and general Bond movie badassery.

Anyway, I developed so many feels for these two bitter assholes that I decided to write fic about them. Which is what this is. Fake fanfic, so to speak, set during the fake movie. Look, I even made a photoset, with photoshop, like I know what I'm doing. Don't worry, my writing isn't quite as shitty as my non-existent photoshop skills. This isn't beta-read or even particularly well thought out, though, so sorry for any hilarious typos (please do tell me about them).

Everybody loves a good redemption story. )



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