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Title: Ben Siegel's Adventures in Getting Sid Laid
Fandom: Mob City
Characters/pairings: Ben Siegel, Sid Rothman, platonic Ben/Sid, mentions of Sid/Ned, mentions of Ben and Sid sleeping with various other people
Rating: PG-13
Words: 3413
Warnings: Ben and Sid being various degrees of sexist and/or homophobic jerks to the people they sleep with.
Summary: Ben considers it his job as Sid's best friend to make sure Sid gets everything he needs, whether that's pretty girls or pretty boys. He just doesn't get why all those hustlers never believe him when he says he's only buying their services “for a friend”. Cue Ben being the most awkwardly supportive best friend ever.
Author's Note: This is not an entirely serious fic.

Ben Siegel's Adventures in Getting Sid Laid )
Title: Cut me open and the light streams out
Fandom: Mob City
Pairing: Ben Siegel/Sid Rothman
Rating: R
Words: 2124
Warnings: none
Summary: Ben insists on seeing the scar Sid got when he took a knife for Ben all those years ago. Sid doesn't like anyone touching that scar, but he'll let Ben do anything he wants.
Author's Note: It's bizarre how I can slash anyone, but no matter how much I crank up the homoeroticism, Ben still insists on staying mostly straight in my head. This was as far as I could make him go. So have some gratuitous scar porn and Ben and Sid loving each other more than anything in the world.

Cut me open and the light streams out )
Title: Temptation
Fandom: Mob City
Pairing: Sid Rothman/Ned Stax
Rating: R
Words: 1202
Warnings: none
Summary: Sid loves watching Ned smoke. Ned notices and teases him.
Author's note: I realised that I hadn't reposted my first kinkmeme fill yet. Just some smoking porn, nothing fancy like the other fic. ;)

Temptation )
Title: Let's say the Devil is played by two men
Fandom: Mob City
Pairing: Sid Rothman/Ned Stax
Rating: NC-17
Words: 6132
Warnings: mentions of Joe's death at some point in the past, mentions of Benny's death, scheming to kill Mickey
Summary: Sid was willing to work for Benny because he loved and respected the man. But Mickey Cohen? Mickey Cohen's just asking for trouble and there's no way he can keep this operation together. So Sid turns to the one guy he'd trust to take over and run things the way Benny always wanted them run: he turns to Ned Stax. He offers Ned the throne.
Author's note: What should have happened in season two, if there had been a season two. *grump* Set about two years after the season finale.  Summary stolen from Iris' prompt on the kinkmeme. Also includes lots of mentions of platonic Sid/Benny (or less platonic if you wanna squint and look at it that way).

Let's say the Devil is played by two men )
Title: Simple enough
Fandom: Mob City
Pairing: Sid Rothman/Ned Stax
Rating: R
Words: 1891
Warnings: none
Summary: Sid shows up at Ned's place without much of an explanation, but it's not like he needs many words to get what he wants.
Author's note: If you guys haven't seen Mob City yet, you really really should. Damn that show is good. Damn Robert Knepper is hot. Also, have I mentioned in the recent past how much I fucking hate thinking of fic titles? Because I really do.

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