I should be working on my presentation about multilingualism in England in the Middle Ages. Instead, I am successfully procrastinating. While procrastinating I found two pictures that are so awesome that each of them alone would be worth a whole post.
Pictures under the cut, I don't want anyone bitching at me for spamming their f-list ... )
RL sucks, as usual. So instead, have one of my pointless, crazy, random picspams. Including both funny/ridiculous and hot stuff. But before that, I realised that I forgot to share a  few epic videos with you.

First of all, Jon Lajoie is hilarious. Have a look at this and this and this. It's worth the few minutes of time it'll take you to watch this. If you can't laugh about this guy, I seriously question your sense of humour. ;) It's silly, but the good kind of silly.

Second, although I've already spammed most people with this anyway ... this kid is awesome. But I'm afraid it's only funny if you understand at least some German.  The macro to go with the video:

Did I ever mention that I love it when Marin yells at people twice his size?

Procrastination this way )
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... and this makes me laugh madly every time I look at it, so I HAVE to share it with you.

For those of you who don't understand any German, the little text under the picture reads: "Holiday pictures: Tim Wiese and his sexy girlfriend Grit"
Yeah. I'm fairly sure the guy on the left is indeed Tim Wiese, but I have serious doubts that Torsten Frings, despite his long hair and Wiese's possessive arm around him, has decided to change his name to Grit so he could be Wiese's girlfriend ... Call me childish, but I can't stop laughing about this. Especially since "his sexy girlfriend Grit" would sound ridiculous enough even without the mismatched picture.

Attention: the following post is completely pointless and only consists of more or less funny pictures. If you have something useful to do, don't let me distract you.

If not, you might as well have a look. )

Sorry for wasting your time with this. :) I know that I owe a lot of you replies to comments and e-mails, and I will get to it ... hopefully today, but definitely soon. Somehow writing my fic for the [livejournal.com profile] blackwoodcoward  fic exchange made me even more apathetic than I was before, so I'm pretty much doing nothing except watching Bones. And collecting silly pictures of football players. This is what happens when I lack the energy to work on my bloody paper for university. Apathy is not fun, I tell you. That's why I had to do this cheer-up-post. ;) I don't know about you, but it cheered me up, and that's better than nothing.
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Erm, update? All right, update. Expect some boring rambling. I’m on holidays, I’m being indescribably lazy and not doing anything useful. Fortunately this means that I had lots of time to watch shows and movies and stuff. The following might include spoilers.

Fandom rambling and some pictures )
Almost a month since my last entry, which was very short. No, I am not dead or suddenly less of an internet addict. But I have no fic to show because of my incredible lack of creativity at the moment; uni and loads of exams have been keeping me busy, and my internet time has been spent drooling at the probably most awesome German national team in the history of football. I've been wanting to do a huge picspam of them for weeks, but how am I suppose to choosed from those hundreds and thousands of pictures of fun and joy and epicness? And now the World Cup has been over for a week and I still haven't posted a picspam. I won't do it now either because I have an exam tomorrow and should sleep now. But there's one thing someone pointed out in one of the comms today, and it needs to be shared ...

Michael Ballack is actually the reincarnation of Aldo Raine (and some really gorgeous pictures) )
While I was procrastinating, I indulged in my latest obsession and looked for a few pretty pictures of *drum roll* Miroslav Klose. And I found these absolutely HILARIOUS pictures from some milk advertisement he did a while ago. I showed them to [livejournal.com profile] assassin_nariel , who immediately suggested to photoshop the same milk advertisement with, of course, Hans Landa. I have no idea why I didn't think of this myself. Because who could advertise healthy, yummy milk better than our dearest Standartenführer Hans "un verre de lait s'il vous plaît" Landa?

Original pictures and photoshopped Landa silliness behind the cut. The pictures are fairly big, and I don't want to cram people's f-lists with my late night silliness.

Un verre de lait, s'il vous plat )



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