Dear Inshipping Writer,

I just need to say first how happy I am that this exchange exists. :D I have so many incest ships, it's not even funny anymore. Apparently everything I touch turns into incest ... So I had some trouble narrowing this done and deciding which ships to request. I'm happy that you, dear author, ship at least one of these ships as well, and I hope that my letter will be somewhat helpful. My letters always get embarrassingly long (and I've copied and pasted a lot of stuff from other exchange letters), but that's just because I always figure it's better to give you a lot of stuff to choose from rather than just request two things and make you despair if you can't write those. So I obviously don't expect you to include every single thing I've mentioned in my letter; I don't even think that would be possible.

This letter has a few general likes and dislikes, an overly long list of tropes/kinks/themes I enjoy, and then some fandom- and pairing-specific sections. I hope that you'll find something you'll enjoy writing about in this letter. :)

I use the same name on AO3 and tumblr as here.

General likes and dislikes )

Overly long list of tropes and kinks I like )

About my fandoms:

The Fast and the Furious Movies )

The Silmarillion )

The Raven Cycle )

Pacific Rim )

Aaaaand I think now I've rambled enough. I guess I'm just really excited about this exchange and about all of these ships and the prospect of getting fic for any of them. I hope my letter gave you an idea or two and that there's something in all this rambling that you'll have fun writing.

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