I actually wanted to tell a funny anecdote about a review I got for my Dooku/Qui-Gon fic Worth The Wait. But as I typed it, I realised that it wasn't really funny to anyone but myself. Instead, I decided to share the ultimate "bitch please"-picture with you - because I felt like this was the look I'd deserve for boring you to death with my blabla:

Hans Matheson is incredible. But you already know that. The screencap is from Nero, a film that can easily be described as a missed opportunity to make an awesome movie. Hans was breathtaking as Nero, but he was stuck in a script that wanted too badly to be a love story and ended up not making much sense. And he makes the most of the role he's playing, he's amazing in every single scene, he's so good that you can almost forgive the movie for not being what it could have been, plot-wise. Three hours about Nero - I would have liked to see more politics and less artificial romance. When you get an actor as great as Hans, it's a SHAME not to give him a better script to work with. Seriously. *grumble* Either way, apart from his wonderful acting and the fact that he has a voice like an angel (yes, he sings a bit in this movie), he's just gorgeous beyond words. Couple of more pics behind the cut, because I'm too lazy for a proper picspam right now.

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Great. I just wrote a huge post full of hysterical fangirling about Kick Ass and The Long Firm. Then either my internet connection or LJ had a little problem, and the whole thing was gone. I know why I usually write my posts in a text document and just copy&paste them afterwards. Stupid me. Serves me right. The good news for you is that you'll get a short form of my long, rambly post. I'm afraid it will still be long and rambly, though, just less so.

1) Go and watch Kick Ass. As soon as humanly possible. Because it's the most awesome movie in a very, very long time. I actually expected it to be rather silly and only watched it for Mark Strong. It turned out that the entire movie is wonderful. I think the best way to describe it is that it's just FUN to watch. Really, I've rarely had so much fun watching a movie, laughing and cheering and just enjoying myself immensely. The dialogues are funny, the fight scenes are cool, it's silly in a very entertaining way, it's original and creative, it's violent in just the right comic way, and the soundtrack is great. Both the actors and the characters they play are awesome. Not just Mark, who's great in every part he plays and who's slowly turning into my favourite actor ever, but also all these young, completely unknown actors who really have talent. Hit Girl was the coolest female character in movie history, I think. ;) And definitely the coolest little girl ever. I love her so much, and I really hope that we get to see her actress again when she grows up, she was really good. (And the fight scene between Hit Girl and Frank D'Amico (Mark's character)? It's not just incredibly cool ... it's kinda hot. Apparently I'm the only one thinking this, and I do admit that it's pretty sick. But, here you go, I found a het pairing I ship. The sickest het pairing you could possibly think of. IDEK. Blame Mark for being so incredibly hot.)

2) Go and watch The Long Firm. It's a TV-mini-series in four parts, based on a novel by Jake Arnott (which I haven't read). It's possibly the only movie in which Mark Strong doesn't just play a supporting character, but actually the main character. And this isn't Oscar-material - this is ten times better than most performances that get an Oscar. I don't think I've ever seen acting as great as Mark's in this movie. He plays a London gangster boss in the 1960s, who's on the outside this really tough, violent, ruthless BAMF, but who's so much more complex, one of the most complex movie characters ever. And it takes an actor like Mark to play such a torn, broken character, to play the entire range of his conflicting emotions without ever overdoing it. It's perfection. He's one of the rare actors who don't seem to play a character - but you only see the character as a real person, you don't see an actor behind it. Even most good actors can't do that to the point of disappearing behind their character. Actually, I can't think of any other actor right now who's so good you forget he's even there and ONLY see his character.
Also, good news for the slashers: Mark's character, Harry Starks, just happens to be homosexual (not gay, he insists on that in one really great scene ;)). Completely unrepressed and open about it. I had no idea about this when I started watching the movie, and I had half a heart-attack when Harry suddenly started flirting with some pretty boy and then kissed him. GUH! Unfortunately, it's still TV and we only get to see two very short kisses. No proper making out, no undressing, not even some hugging and groping (but there is a short het sex scene, which is just unfitting in a movie that is full of slash and has virtually no het at all). It's a bit frustrating, especially since there are apparently quite a few graphic sex scenes in the novel. Really, would it have hurt anyone to give us at least one nice slashy scene? I'm not asking for porn here, just, I don't know, some proper making out and tugging on each other's clothes and taking a shirt off or something like that? The stuff we see in every movie when it's a het pairing? *sigh*
Anyway, ignore my whining and watch the movie. Watch both movies. They're awesome. There might be a picspam for The Long Firm soon, if I manage to choose a reasonable number from the hundreds of screencaps I made ...

Rereading this I realise once more that my obsession with Mark is getting unhealthy ... I'm sorry, I can't help it. If he were a woman in the Middle Ages, I'd say that he has bewitched me or something. ;) No, but honestly, these two movies are definitely worth watching, whether you like Mark Strong or not.
While posting my Hans Matheson picspam last night, I noticed that I hadn't updated my LJ in three weeks ... real life has been unbearably busy. So, here a general update on interesting and not interesting stuff.
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Last night I finally got around to watching Der neunte Tag (The ninth day). I wanted to watch it because, well, it's with August Diehl and he plays a Gestapo officer. Of course I was curious if this Untersturmführer Gephardt (poor guy doesn't even get a first name) was anything like Hellstrom. Well, very rarely he reminded me of him, but they don't really have much in common, which is fascinating. Unlike Hellstrom, Gephardt is a convinced national-socialist, but what makes him so fascinating is that he's also a devout Catholic who studied theology and almost became a priest. Since the other main character is a priest (called Kremer) who criticises the nazi regime, they spend most of the film talking about politics, faith, and religion, and if that sounds boring to you, you underestimate August Diehl.

The movie itself is in my opinion not all that good, the plot is rather poor, especially at the ending. But Gephardt is an extremely intriguing character, with this weird mixture of national-socialism and faith, he's intelligent and charismatic, he's a man of principles, someone who has firm beliefs and wants to change the world, but he's also short-tempered, even violent. It's a pity that the movie focuses more on the priest than on Gephardt, because in my opinion Gephardt is by far the more interesting character.

To make it short: watch this movie right now, ignore the poor plot, and focus on an absolutely breath-taking acting performance and a character who needs some fanfiction. I really want to write about him. Yay, one more nazi character in my head. Exactly what I needed right now. -.-

So, enough babbling, here we go for a HUGE picspam, which will hopefully convince you more than my words ever could. I made ... you won't believe it, 500 screencaps. Then I cut it down to 100. Then I took out another few, but I really couldn't go under 50, or else I would have had to take out really gorgeous pics I need to share with you. So, I decided to make two parts, but they'll both be pretty big as well, but I suppose you guys won't mind getting many pictures. Right? :)

Picspam part one )
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So, I made up my mind. From April on I'm going to study at the Humboldt university. It happens to be the one that is much closer to where I live, and I had strictly no reason at all to choose the one farther away. I still have to talk to a few instructors to know which classes I have to take and which not (since some of the classes I took in France will be accepted as a sort of replacement for the classes I usually would have to take in my course here in Germany). But it looks pretty good so far. I'm almost looking forward to next term, and it looks like I'll have a few hopefully interesting classes. Anyway, I'll probably be horribly disappointed.

Mhm, still no writing. I can't really focus on Forgotten Realms at the moment. My little Star Wars infatuation is only getting stronger, and I can't get the slashy characters from Rose of the Prophet out of my head (I'm just saying ... a handsome, very passionate, wild nomad, and a cool, disciplined Black Paladin who is almost as awesome as Entreri ... who happen to be blood brothers, and the sexual tension between them is mind-blowing ... okay, I'll calm down). Oh yeah, and I'm really kinda obsessed with Liam Neeson right now. I finally went to the cinema again last Sunday and saw Taken. The plot is pretty average (teenage daughter gets kidnapped, and her father - who happens to be a former CIA-agent, lucky girl - goes and rescues her ... yeah, kinda boring), but the movie is still entertaining. Liam Neeson kicks ass and is cool (and, of course, incredibly hot), and while that doesn't make an amazing movie you want to watch again and again, it's just fun. ;) Erm, yeah... whatever. I'm rambling again. Actually I just wanted to tell you all about the university decision, but apparently I can't write a single entry without at least a bit of fangirl squeeing.

Last week I got letters from the two universites I applied to, and I was accepted at both. Yay! That means I can continue my studies next semester (from April on). I'm really relieved. Now I just have to decide which university I want to go to. One of them is much closer to where I live, which is a big advantage, but I don't want to make a decision based solely on the fact that it's more comfortable for me to get up half an hour later in morning. I have about two weeks to decide, and I really hope that I will make the right choice.

I'm not writing much at the moment, unfortunately, with work and what I pretend is a social life taking up my time ... And I have a 100 page translation to do, and since I'll be paid for it I should do it as quickly as possible. So I don't know when you can expect any fanfic updates from me.

I actually wanted to reply to many many mails tonight, but I got distracted by reading fanfics ... I finally decided to watch the Star Wars movies again in the past few days. I was never a big Star Wars fan; I always thought the movies were entertaining, but nothing more. But I wasn't as obsessed with slash yet last time I watched them ... or else I would have turned into a mindless, squeeing Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan fangirl much earlier. I'm still not any more interested in the fandom than before, but that pairing is just perfect. I guess Liam Neeson is just too much for me. No man should be allowed to be that sexy. Unless I can have him. ;) Whatever, I feel like this entry is getting increasingly useless. I should get some sleep.

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Did you notice? I now have nice little images up there, mood theme thingy and everything. Muahahaha!

Erm, anyway. Went to the cinema today and watched ... Iron Man. Yes, yes, I know. But as I said, there are virtually no interesting movies coming out soon, and I heard from several people that Iron Man was nice ... Well, it isn't bad, if you like super hero-action movies. I'm not a big fan of them, but they can be entertaining, and this one was. Though there are better super hero movies out there (yepp, I love X-Men *grin*). I won't write much more because there's not much to say about the movie except that it's entertaining ... And Robert Downey Jr. reminds me of Hugh Jackman, at least in this movie. How strange is that?

Did I mention that it's getting too hot here? I hate summer ... Spring is nice, but sommer is unbearable ... Most people get depressed during winter, I get extremely bad humoured as soon as the temperature rises above 25°C. *grumble* (So, yeah, I'll probably be grumbling and growling about the weather for the next months.)

And now ... back to the next chapter of Kindred Spirits ... *evil laugh* I have to write a scene I've been looking forward to for some time ... It won't be easy to write, but I hope the chapter will be finished soon. It's been too long since I got reviews to boost my ego. ;)

 Can anyone tell me why it snowed today? Snow, in April, in Paris? It would be strange enough in Berlin, but in Paris??? It never snows here, let alone in April. Of course, it melted during the day, but I was still baffled when I was walking to the underground station this morning and everything was white.

Anyway, I went to the cinema today, which means that you’ll get some stupid babble about today’s movie, which was … The Other Boleyn Girl. I’m not sure what to think. It wasn’t much of a historical movie, actually, because the historical background was more or less ignored. I mean … a movie about Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and the split from the Catholic Church was just mentioned like some trivial little thing. The whole storyline was pretty vague - people were speaking about decisions, but you never saw anyone actually making these decisions. For example, in one scene Anne is suggesting that Henry should just defy the Pope and divorce Catherine of Aragorn, and he hardly says anything to that. In the next scene, he suddenly says to Anne, “I’ve torn this country apart for you!” And you think, “Did he? I didn’t notice.” You could probably call it artistic, if you were nice, I call it a sloppy script. The images were quite nice, although some things reminded me suspiciously of Gladiator …

Buuuuuut despite all this, it wasn’t an entirely bad movie. Main reason: the cast was good, sometimes even amazing. Even Scarlett Johansson (Mary Boleyn) didn’t get too much on my nerves, despite the fact that I can‘t stand her. Eric Bana (Henry VIII) as a fickle, irascible man who acts only on his desires was quite convincing, although the script really didn’t give him the chance to develop any more depth in his character. I mean - a devout Catholic who secedes from Rome? It would’ve been so much more interesting to focus more on that than only on this love triangle. Natalie Portman as Anne Boleyn was absolutely wonderful - I knew she was a good actress, but here she was simply great. Actually, she’s the best thing in this movie. The side characters were pretty convincing as well.

So, good/excellent actors in a movie that was too much of a love story and not enough of a historical movie. The story of Henry VIII and the Boleyn sisters is an interesting one, the historical background is fascinating. Instead we just get a love story with beautiful costumes and big names. What would have made the difference between this love story and every other love story - I.e. the historical background - has been ignored. A pity. With these actors, especially with Natalie Portman, it could have been a really good movie. Now it’s just some movie you can watch without being bored, but which you will forget pretty quickly because it was just … average. Seems an awful waste. ;)

I’ve been trying to get something done for my fanfics today because my classes were particularly boring, so I needed something to do. Didn’t write much, don’t like what I’ve written. Total lack of creativity at the moment.

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What the hell am I doing with a livejournal? Really … I don’t even know what to write here. I only created an account to read someone else’s lj, and then I noticed there were one or two communities I might join. And you know how it is - or maybe you don’t because you’re not as weak-willed as I am - once you’ve got this account, you’re telling yourself, “Well, now that you have it, you might just as well use it …” And that’s where the trouble begins.

So, I could probably rant about my crappy week, but I doubt that anyone cares about that. Oh, or I could tell you about the book I’ve just finished reading. Yepp, I think I’m going to do that.

I’ve finally read “La duchesse de Langeais” by Balzac (a French 19th century writer, in case you were wondering). I was supposed to have read it already a few weeks ago because we’re studying it in my French literature class, but I can be very slow reading books when I don’t like them. And I didn’t like this one, despite the fact that I usually like Balzac. But the ending of this novel is worth mentioning because it is so … strange.

The whole book is nothing but a very dramatic love story between a duchess and a general, who falls madly in love with her. She toys with him, but - as soon as he leaves her - she realises, of course, that she loves him. He wants to return to her, but there are several misunderstandings and coincidences, and at some point the duchess suddenly flees from Paris to a convent somewhere in Spain. Nobody knows where exactly she is, and the general spends several years looking for her. When he finally finds her, she refuses to leave the convent to live with him, although she still loves him. The general decides to abduct her. All of this takes about 220 pages.

The last chapter is pretty short, 10 pages, of which 8 pages are nothing but a very detailed description of the preparations the general and his friends make. And then there are less than two pages (!!!) to tell us that when he finally arrives at the convent, the duchess has just died. The general and his friends take the corpse with them and decide to throw it in the sea (the convent is on an island). One of his friends says to the general something along the lines of “Well, love is stupid anyway. You’d better forget about this.” And the general just replies, “Yes, you’re right. It really doesn’t matter.” End of the novel.

I’m not exaggerating or over-interpreting anything, this is really written in the book (okay, it’s a bit more poetical and everything, but that’s all). I really wonder what Balzac was thinking when he was writing this. ;) Anyway, despite this amusing ending I really didn’t like the novel. Probably because the duchess was an absolutely unbearable, annoying character, and there was no interesting character, nor an exceptional storyline to make up for it. Of course, it was very well written and far from a bad book, but if you want to read Balzac, don’t read this novel. ;)

Mhm, what else ... I’ve recently seen 3:10 to Yuma, which is an absolutely amazing movie. Seen it twice. And - I can already hear people sigh and call me a horrible fangirl - I’ll probably go to the cinema again either this or next week. I’m even thinking about writing a Yuma-fanfic, but I’m not sure about that yet. I’d really like to, but I don’t know if I’ll manage to write anything decent. A western is just completely different from the fantasy fanfics I usually write. Though, of course, if I write anything, it will be as slashy as hell. I mean, that's the point. ;)
Whatever. I won’t say more or I’ll be ranting for pages and pages.

I can’t believe I’ve just written an entry here … Scary. Though I’m really not sure if I’m going to do this regularly or … not at all. ;)



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