Someone posted a few pictures of August Diehl from the Salt premiere in Berlin, over at [ profile] augustdiehl . For those of you who don't watch the community, I just HAD to share this picture ... because August deserves more love. Now I almost want to watch the movie ... except that I really, really don't like Angelina Jolie. Maybe I should just wait a bit and watch August's scene on youtube or so? Apparently he only has a tiny part anyway.

I saw this and thought ... DIETERCHEN!!!!! Well, Dieterchen after Landa stole his pomade and made him smile by giving him a Bösendorfer Grand Imperial.

A few more gratuitous pictures )

*runs off to write possibly part three of La musica delle parole something that might one day become some Landa/Hellstrom-fic that is worth posting*

Oh, right, I need to say one more thing before I go: watch Le concert. Everyone. You know, that French-Russian movie with Mélanie Laurent. Yes, it's slightly cheesy, but it's more than anything else gorgeous, funny, and heart-warming. And I'm usually not into that kind of movie. Not to mention the beautiful music. I think this movie finally made me love violin as much as I ought to. *hunts down a few violin concertos and sonatas*
Hellstrom approves. So does Heydrich.
Last night I finally got around to watching Der neunte Tag (The ninth day). I wanted to watch it because, well, it's with August Diehl and he plays a Gestapo officer. Of course I was curious if this Untersturmführer Gephardt (poor guy doesn't even get a first name) was anything like Hellstrom. Well, very rarely he reminded me of him, but they don't really have much in common, which is fascinating. Unlike Hellstrom, Gephardt is a convinced national-socialist, but what makes him so fascinating is that he's also a devout Catholic who studied theology and almost became a priest. Since the other main character is a priest (called Kremer) who criticises the nazi regime, they spend most of the film talking about politics, faith, and religion, and if that sounds boring to you, you underestimate August Diehl.

The movie itself is in my opinion not all that good, the plot is rather poor, especially at the ending. But Gephardt is an extremely intriguing character, with this weird mixture of national-socialism and faith, he's intelligent and charismatic, he's a man of principles, someone who has firm beliefs and wants to change the world, but he's also short-tempered, even violent. It's a pity that the movie focuses more on the priest than on Gephardt, because in my opinion Gephardt is by far the more interesting character.

To make it short: watch this movie right now, ignore the poor plot, and focus on an absolutely breath-taking acting performance and a character who needs some fanfiction. I really want to write about him. Yay, one more nazi character in my head. Exactly what I needed right now. -.-

So, enough babbling, here we go for a HUGE picspam, which will hopefully convince you more than my words ever could. I made ... you won't believe it, 500 screencaps. Then I cut it down to 100. Then I took out another few, but I really couldn't go under 50, or else I would have had to take out really gorgeous pics I need to share with you. So, I decided to make two parts, but they'll both be pretty big as well, but I suppose you guys won't mind getting many pictures. Right? :)

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