It's been a while since the last proper picspam, but I just remembered that picspams are a great excuse not to write fanfic ... Bad me, I know. So, here's a HUGE picspam of Hans Matheson in Imperium: Nero, playing ... well, Nero. Watch it. Never mind the historical inaccuracies, just watch it like any other work of fiction. Not for the movie itself (which focuses way too much on the boring love story instead of on politics and Nero's characterisation), but for Hans' stunning performance. Not to mention that he's as gorgeous as ever.

Nero picspam )
I actually wanted to tell a funny anecdote about a review I got for my Dooku/Qui-Gon fic Worth The Wait. But as I typed it, I realised that it wasn't really funny to anyone but myself. Instead, I decided to share the ultimate "bitch please"-picture with you - because I felt like this was the look I'd deserve for boring you to death with my blabla:

Hans Matheson is incredible. But you already know that. The screencap is from Nero, a film that can easily be described as a missed opportunity to make an awesome movie. Hans was breathtaking as Nero, but he was stuck in a script that wanted too badly to be a love story and ended up not making much sense. And he makes the most of the role he's playing, he's amazing in every single scene, he's so good that you can almost forgive the movie for not being what it could have been, plot-wise. Three hours about Nero - I would have liked to see more politics and less artificial romance. When you get an actor as great as Hans, it's a SHAME not to give him a better script to work with. Seriously. *grumble* Either way, apart from his wonderful acting and the fact that he has a voice like an angel (yes, he sings a bit in this movie), he's just gorgeous beyond words. Couple of more pics behind the cut, because I'm too lazy for a proper picspam right now.

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Feb. 27th, 2010 01:20 am
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As you may remember or not, I'm going to Moscow on Sunday and will only return home on March 31st. I don't know yet how often I will have internet access there. Replies to LJ-comments will probably take a bit longer than usual; long e-mails will have to wait for a while. But I'm happy about every e-mail and comment I get, even if I don't reply immediately. :)

Now, the important part: postcards. I love writing postcards, and I know that many people love receiving them. If you want a postcard, just send me a PM with your address (even if I already got your address from my last holidays or something - I'm a bit too lazy to go through all my old messages to find them again ;)). Don't be shy - as long as we talk at least occasionally, I will gladly send you a postcard. If we just friended each other ages ago and never talk anymore, well, then I wouldn't really know what to write to you, I'm afraid.


Now that we've dealt with practical stuff, some more fandom stuff:

- Watched RocknRolla today. This movie is made of awesome. Okay, I can't look at Gerard Butler without thinking "THIS IS SPARTAAAA!!!!", but I still enjoyed the movie a lot. Main reason, no surprise here, Mark Strong. Being awesome. Being badass, cool, violent, funny, and did I mention cool? I love the scene in which he explains how to do the "Archie slap" (his character is named Archie). Where do I have to line up if I want Mark to slap me around as well? ;) Also, I found these lines absurdly sexy: "That's right, sweetheart. You're fucked." His VOICE!!! [insert capslock squealing] Also, there's canon slash (unfortunately not with Mark). Watch the movie. Now.

- Also watched parts of The Mists of Avalon. Parts, because I'm not really interested in it, so I just watched the parts with Hans Matheson as Mordred. HOW CAN THIS ACTOR BE SO UNKNOWN AND UNDERRATED??? HE'S BETTER THAN 90% OF HOLLYWOOD'S SO-CALLED STARS!!! Sorry, had to say that. Since I am utterly predictable, I made caps. If I find the time, I might picspam the movie before I leave. (I know, you're all hoping that I won't find the time to spam you even more.)

- Going to watch Shutter Island with my brother tomorrow, yay!


Concerning fanfics: I know I won't exactly have much time for writing in Moscow. I'll have classes several hours a day, and I'll spend the rest of my time exploring the city. Also, I won't have a room to myself, so I'll hardly have the calm and privacy I need to work on longer stories. However, I want to write something. And since I discovered that writing drabbles is fun and doesn't take too long, I considered doing one of these challenges where you have to write 50 (or 100) drabbles with different prompts. Pairing? Blackwood/Coward, because they need more love. Problem? I can't decide which prompt table to use. I don't like the standard one because it includes useless stuff like several colours, and other prompts that are just plainly annoying. And just assembling my own prompt table from different tables seems like cheating, no? Or should I just do that? Use the prompts I like? Opinions? Recs for tables? Prompts you would like to see written for this pairing? Comments would be much appreciated.

Little teasers for the possibly upcoming Hans picspam behind the cut: )
Sherlock Holmes has given me a serious crush on Hans Matheson (and on Mark Strong, but let's not go there for the moment), aka Lord Coward, the cool guy with the silly name. ;) So I started hunting down movies he was in, and one of the movies I found is a TV-four-parter from 2005, called The Virgin Queen, about - surprise, surprise - Elizabeth I. I had hoped he would be in all four parts, but unfortunately he's only in part four (and in the last two minutes of part three). The movie wasn't all that exciting, but Hans was incredible as the Earl of Essex. He really is a great actor, extremely convincing as this manic-depressive, self-centred, charismatic, arrogant, charming noble brat. He described the role himself as "someone who slaps a guy in the face and then looks at him like, 'yeah, I slapped you in the face, but I'm the Earl of Essex, so what are you going to do about it?'". He actually does slap someone in the face, btw, it's not just metaphorical. Anyway, part four is definitely worth watching for his amazing performance; I honestly haven't watched the first three parts.

Long story short, Hans is also disturbingly beautiful, so I capped the hell out of this movie, and I thought I'd share. I hope it will inspire some people to write fic ... about Hans, about Coward, about any other character he's ever played, anything would make me happy. :D

huge picspam )

Right, and I almost forgot ... at some point in the movie he says to the Queen: "I see now, this is where I belong. I was a fool to stray so far from you." I can very well see Coward saying this to Blackwood as well ... but then again, I see that pairing everywhere. ;)



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