Other people have a tumblr for this, but since I don't have one, I need to use my LJ to spam ... because this picture is too hot not to share. I know I'm probably alone in my adoration for this man, but GODDAMMIT CAN YOU GET ANY HOTTER??? I THINK I NEED SOME JOHN/DEAN RIGHT NOW. Argh.

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And that's enough for today, before I get started on a random picspam.
So, as promised, that Jeffrey Dean Morgan picspam I mentioned earlier. Where does this new obsession come from? Blame it all on Supernatural, the show I only started to watch because the fandom promised brothercest, which is one of my biggest kinks ever. And, god, do I ship Dean/Sam. The unexpected surprise in all of this was their father, though, John Winchester, played by ... exactly, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. And John/Dean (i.e. father/oldest son) hits my kink buttons even harder than Dean/Sam (older/younger brother). But, slash or not, I adore this show. In that trashy, crazy, "it's a silly show about supernatural bullshit" kind of way. Unfortunately Papa Winchester is only around for a ridiculously short time. Why do I always fall for the father figures? I should know by now that they never stick around for long ... (I'm looking at you, Zaknafein Do'Urden!)

Anyway. So, I was suddenly left with Supernatural being still awesome, Jensen Ackles still being possibly the most gorgeous man in the world (Jensen being Dean's actor), but JDM was gone, and I needed my fix of the guy who was less pretty, but a thousand times sexier than his gorgeous sons. So I ended up doing what I always do in these cases - I stalked his other movies. Realised at first that he had played The Comedian in Watchmen (which I had loved back when I first saw it, I just didn't realise that John Winchester was played by the same actor, without the Comedian!stache). Then watched The Losers, The Resident, a few episodes from random shows he's been in, embarrassing romcoms (DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT, F-LIST, I KNOW YOU'VE ALL WATCHED RIDICULOUS SHIT FOR MARK STRONG!!! I know I have) ... yeah, I got it bad. As always, I need to spread the obsession share the love.

Dear f-list, dear people who have always been so supportive of all my crazy obsessions, meet Mr. Morgan.

Yes, he really is that gorgeous. Lemme just spam you quietly for a moment so you can take it all in.

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My last post was in November. Almost three months ago. Wow. I think I just out-lazied myself. I have no excuses other than Supernatural eating my brain, real life being a pain, and new obsessions that do not translate into any sort of writing, but simply more procrastination.

I actually meant to post a picspam about Jeffrey Dean Morgan today. But then I realised I needed more pictures, so I spent a couple of hours looking for more pictures on the internet ... now I have too many pictures. I'm not sure what to do with this. For the moment I'll just leave you with this:

If this doesn't make you want more, I don't recognise my f-list anymore after my long absence. ;)
Because somebody is going to ask: JDM = Comedian in Watchmen, John Winchester in Supernatural, Clay in The Losers, some guy called Denny in Grey's Anatomy (what do I know, do I look like I watch Grey's Anatomy? ... though I will probably end up looking up his episodes, I'm just that sad) ... and a bunch of other stuff. But, really, are Eddie fucking Blake and Papa Winchester not enough to make this guy one of the coolest, hottest actors around? ;)



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