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Erm, update? All right, update. Expect some boring rambling. I’m on holidays, I’m being indescribably lazy and not doing anything useful. Fortunately this means that I had lots of time to watch shows and movies and stuff. The following might include spoilers.

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Feb. 27th, 2010 01:20 am
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As you may remember or not, I'm going to Moscow on Sunday and will only return home on March 31st. I don't know yet how often I will have internet access there. Replies to LJ-comments will probably take a bit longer than usual; long e-mails will have to wait for a while. But I'm happy about every e-mail and comment I get, even if I don't reply immediately. :)

Now, the important part: postcards. I love writing postcards, and I know that many people love receiving them. If you want a postcard, just send me a PM with your address (even if I already got your address from my last holidays or something - I'm a bit too lazy to go through all my old messages to find them again ;)). Don't be shy - as long as we talk at least occasionally, I will gladly send you a postcard. If we just friended each other ages ago and never talk anymore, well, then I wouldn't really know what to write to you, I'm afraid.


Now that we've dealt with practical stuff, some more fandom stuff:

- Watched RocknRolla today. This movie is made of awesome. Okay, I can't look at Gerard Butler without thinking "THIS IS SPARTAAAA!!!!", but I still enjoyed the movie a lot. Main reason, no surprise here, Mark Strong. Being awesome. Being badass, cool, violent, funny, and did I mention cool? I love the scene in which he explains how to do the "Archie slap" (his character is named Archie). Where do I have to line up if I want Mark to slap me around as well? ;) Also, I found these lines absurdly sexy: "That's right, sweetheart. You're fucked." His VOICE!!! [insert capslock squealing] Also, there's canon slash (unfortunately not with Mark). Watch the movie. Now.

- Also watched parts of The Mists of Avalon. Parts, because I'm not really interested in it, so I just watched the parts with Hans Matheson as Mordred. HOW CAN THIS ACTOR BE SO UNKNOWN AND UNDERRATED??? HE'S BETTER THAN 90% OF HOLLYWOOD'S SO-CALLED STARS!!! Sorry, had to say that. Since I am utterly predictable, I made caps. If I find the time, I might picspam the movie before I leave. (I know, you're all hoping that I won't find the time to spam you even more.)

- Going to watch Shutter Island with my brother tomorrow, yay!


Concerning fanfics: I know I won't exactly have much time for writing in Moscow. I'll have classes several hours a day, and I'll spend the rest of my time exploring the city. Also, I won't have a room to myself, so I'll hardly have the calm and privacy I need to work on longer stories. However, I want to write something. And since I discovered that writing drabbles is fun and doesn't take too long, I considered doing one of these challenges where you have to write 50 (or 100) drabbles with different prompts. Pairing? Blackwood/Coward, because they need more love. Problem? I can't decide which prompt table to use. I don't like the standard one because it includes useless stuff like several colours, and other prompts that are just plainly annoying. And just assembling my own prompt table from different tables seems like cheating, no? Or should I just do that? Use the prompts I like? Opinions? Recs for tables? Prompts you would like to see written for this pairing? Comments would be much appreciated.

Little teasers for the possibly upcoming Hans picspam behind the cut: )
I need to share my excitement with the world! I'm going to Moscow for four weeks in March! I'll have several hours of Russian classes four days a week, and I get to hop around in Moscow for the rest of the time. I'm sure it's going to be quite adventurous, and exciting, and interesting, and plainly awesome! Squee! God, I love Russian so much, and I really hope that my Russian will get beyond its basic crappiness after four weeks of more intense classes. I'll have classes in the Pushkin institute in Moscow from March 1st to 26th, and then I'm going to spend a few days in Petersburg. Back home to Berlin on the 31rd. May I squee again? SQUEE!!!
I already talked to one of you, but if there are any other Russians hiding on my f-list who will be in Moscow or Petersburg at that time and would feel like meeting silly me irl, I'd love to meet you guys. I promise I'm not an evil rapist. The only thing that will rape you is my constant fangirling (and my crappy Russian, if you refuse to speak English with me ;)).
Ah, and of course I'd love to send everyone postcards, if you want some. ^^ I'll make another post asking for your addresses a week or so before I leave, because if I do that now I'll forget about again it until March. Just wanted to tell you. I love sending postcards.

Also, I decided to be a good girl and not a lazy bitch and write all my exams before I leave for Russia, instead of pushing them off until April. The first three weeks of February are going to be quite stressful, then I'll have one calm week to relax and prepare for the journey. Knowing me, I'll probably be attacked by raging plot bunnies in February, demanding that I write fic instead of preparing for my exams. ;)

Okay, no more babbling, I've got real life stuff to do. (I just wrote "bubbling" instead of "babbling" ... I suppose I am bubbling with excitement. ;))

Why the icon? Because Dieterchen approves of going to Moscow! (For some reason, in my personal fanon, Dieter learnt Russian while he was in university because he was bored. Yeah, it's shameless self-insert to motivate myself. ;)) LOL, that reminds me of that silly joke ... Why can't a German sleep calmly in Moscow? Because whenever he wakes up he thinks, "oh fuck, the Russians are here!" :)

"Et c'est ainsi, le cul encore plein de sperme, que je me résolus à entrer au Sicherheitsdienst."
"And thus, with my arse still full of sperm, I decided to join the Sicherheitsdienst."
- Jonathan Littel, Les Bienveillantes


Okay, I admit it, I only read 100 of the 1300 pages so far, and maybe it's going to suck after 300 pages, because there aren't many authors who can write good books of this length. Far too often it gets boring and repetitive after a few hundred pages. But the beginning is amazing. For those of you who've never heard of it, Les Bienveillantes (English title: The Kindly Ones, which sounds stupid), is the memoirs of a fictitious SS-officier named Maximilien Aue, written by an American author who's writing in French. It's weird to read about Nazis speaking French all the time, honestly. oO Still, Aue is as gay as you can possibly get. 100 pages and already two graphic slash scenes, not to mention this amazing sentence I quoted above (the English translation is by me, I was too lazy to look up how it was really translated). Context? Right after he had some random boy fuck him, his future BFF convinces him to join the SD. Not to mention that his name is Max (like Stierlitz!), he smokes all the fucking time (like Stierlitz, and like Hellstrom!), he's gay and such a sub, and he has a best friend on whom he seems to have a total crush. Well, not crush, but he wants to do him. Not to mention the countless mentions of Heydrich and Schellenberg being suspiciously good friends - this book does not help my recent fascination with historical slash. Bad brain, very very bad! And there I thought it couldn't possibly get worse!
What I really want to say, though, is the following: read this book. I shouldn't, because I really don't have the time, but it's just great so far. At least read the first part, Toccata, which is just great, and only fifty pages long. It's worth the time, even if you don't want to read the entire book. Now let's just hope that I won't be disappointed by the rest.

Other news ... I quit my job, because I'm tired of working on every Saturday, and since I don't desperately need the money, why should I keep doing this? It's a pity, it was a nice job, as far as crappy-jobs-for-students-so-I-can-afford-my-decadent-lifestyle go, with nice colleagues and relatively well paid and not far away from where I live, but still. I want a week-end that consists of two days. Even if it means having a bit less money.

Am also neglecting university stuff. Again. This week is going to be stressful. Which also means that I probably won't post a new fic too soon, but I'll do my best. I'm considering to write some Hellstrom/Wicki, set around 1930, which would be very very angsty and tragic and sweet and beautiful and extremely tragic and sad. With obligatory Landa/Hellstrom-references, mind you. ;)

Ooooh, and I bought the most amazing new leather boots! Rawr! Love them! (I should get Hellstrom out of my head when I go shopping ...)
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[profile] wickedground gave me a bunch of Kommissar Rex episodes with Gedeon Burkhard, and I’ve spent the evening watching a few … It was my favourite show when I was a kid, and I had a huge crush on Gedeon. I was eight or something. And then I pretty much forgot about him until I saw Basterds and was a bit surprised by Gedeon with stubble and being, like, ten years older than I remembered him, and still absurdly hot. To be honest, I find him hotter now than when he was younger, but that’s just me and my soft spot for men over 40. But HIS LIPS!! There should be a law against him licking his fingers on TV! (He does, yes, he does.) And in his very first scene he wears a white shirt and then jumps into a river. Such porn. Not to mention that he has a dog. A German shepherd, and I love German shepherds, even though I‘m not a dog person. And I feel so nostalgic watching this. Don’t get me wrong - the show itself isn’t all that good, the plots are usually fairly predictable and boring. But Gedeon is hot shit, and he has a dog. Oh, yes, and it’s funny how German he sounds among all those Austrians. His voice …

This kept me from reading all the stuff I had to read for my classes this week, damn. And tomorrow afternoon I’ll have to write Christoph/Eli, because
[profile] wickedground is going to kill me otherwise. This week is going to be busy.

I scribbled a short ficlet on Friday, it’s Landa/Hellstrom established, talking about getting Zoller into their bed. I have no idea if anyone would want to read it, since nothing happens, no smut, no language kink, nothing interesting, and not even the usual Landa/Hellstrom-mindfucking-dynamics. I’m afraid it’s just plain boring blabla.

Bed now, class at 8 tomorrow.

Gedeon licking his fingers … I can’t get over it.

I promised I’d write something about my holidays, and since every D&D alignment test I’ve ever taken has confirmed that I am as lawful as hell (sorry for the lame nerd pun), I will have to keep my promise. I already told you all yesterday that the past ten days were absolutely amazing and wonderful.

First, Dublin. The city is incredibly beautiful, and sometimes you just feel like you’re walking through a fairytale. We were staying right in the city centre, in a horribly tiny hostel room (with [profile] assassin_nariel making stupid Hostel jokes all the time ;)), you know, the kind of room where you can hardly make two steps in the same direction. But hey, who cares? We spent four days running through the city with open mouths, gaping at everything and saying, “Guh, the prettiness kills me!”, or most of the time just, “Guh”, because we weren’t coherent enough to speak in full sentences. The cathedrals were amazing. Yes, despite being a radical atheist, I absolutely love being in churches, just like I love church music. You can psychoanalyse that all you want. ;) I was especially impressed by the Christ Church Cathedral. So much beauty. Guh. ^^

On the fifth day in Dublin we took the DART train, just like [ profile] zigsternenstaub told me to, and she was absolutely right. The seaside was gorgeous. First we went to Dun Laoghaire, and then to Greystones, and from there we walked on the cliffs to Bray. It has been years since I’ve last been to the sea (I spent part of my childhood in the Netherlands, so I used to see the sea very often), and it made me very very happy. I was also incredibly amazed by how GREEN the grass is in Ireland. No, really, it looks just like on the postcards. We had planned to go to Howth as well, but it was already getting rather late and our feet hurt, so we didn’t. I was really sad to leave Dublin.

And then we went to Edinburgh. When we arrived, we were dead. We had to leave the hostel at 4.30 am, and we had slept exactly 20 minutes, from 3.30 to 3.50. And even in our tortured, sleep-deprived state, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we arrived in Edinburgh. Dublin, incredibly gorgeous Dublin, seemed suddenly very bleak compared to the even greater beauty of Edinburgh. Our hostel was, like, 5 minutes away from Edinburgh Castle, right in the centre of Old Town. I have never, ever seen anything as beautiful as the old part of Edinburgh. Honestly, it impressed me even more than Venice and Rome together.

You don’t even have the time to appreciate one beautiful building, because as soon as you turn your head just the tiniest little bit, you see another building that is even MORE beautiful. Again, there were so many churches and cathedrals that blew me away. The organ in St Giles … oh my God. Literally. And then you go to the Palace of Holyrood, and just behind it the city suddenly stops and you’re just in wild nature. We were almost blown off the hill we climbed on, but it was worth the view over the city. It made me want to travel through all of Scotland for several weeks, and I’m usually not an outdoor person.

We also did a little tour through the underground city (old vaults where people used to live), guided by GERRY, who was absolutely amazing. Very pretty, obviously gay guy, about my age, with the cutest Scottish accent, a great sense of humour, and who was simply the funniest, most entertaining tour guide ever. I only hope he will be a history teacher one day, because even the most stupid, bored teenagers would love history with him. Also, the “ghost” who was supposed to scare us at the ending of the tour (“because people expect this kind of thing”, quote Gerry) had to be his boyfriend, the way those two were sparkling at each other. So adorable.

Also, did I mention that I LOVE men in kilts? I felt a little weak every time I saw a man in kilt, even if they weren’t really good-looking, and I half fainted every time I saw a good-looking man in a kilt. And you won’t believe it, there are a whole bunch of them in Edinburgh. Only moment I wished I would have gone on holidays alone, because then I could have got laid. ;)

On the last day in Edinburgh we went, again, to the sea, to North Berwick (about 40 minutes outside Edinburgh). What we found there was one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. It made me want to swim, despite the cold, but I didn’t have a towel or anything (obviously, it was freezing cold ;)). As it was, I just walked through the water barefoot and hopped around like a happy child. And [profile] assassin_nariel and I wrote Landa/Hellstrom in huge letters in the sand. Yes, we spent those ten days in complete Inglourious Basterds fangirl mode. It’s scary, but Hellstrom seems to have taken over my head. Could be worse, I love the guy after all.

It was even more difficult for me to leave Edinburgh than to leave Dublin. I want to study there! Wanna wanna wanna! I’d love to go there for my master’s degree once I’ve finished my bachelor’s degree … but well, let’s not quite start dreaming about that yet.

Finally, we took the train from Edinburgh to Glasgow and were very relieved to see that Glasgow is actually a normal city. You know, with ugly parts. *grin* It was still rather interesting, especially since there are some buildings in Glasgow that are just as mind-blowingly beautiful as all of Edinburgh’s old town. Like, the university. Also, we stayed in a real hotel there, and it was comfortable and cosy and nice and not even expensive, and we had amazing Scottish breakfast the two mornings we were there. I love Scottish breakfast.

Anyway, yesterday we flew back to Berlin. Somehow it’s good to be home, even if I dread the return to the real world of this damn paper I have to write in less than two weeks, not to mention my job, and my classes starting again in about two weeks.

[profile] assassin_nariel took a whole bunch of photos, but for some reason she didn’t use her digital camera, but one of those old thingies, so we’ll have to wait a bit until we get the photos. Maybe I will post a few, if they’re any good. If you want to.

Also, did you guys get your postcards? I hope you liked them. :D

I probably didn’t even tell you half of all the wonderful things I’ve seen and done, but I’m honestly too lazy to write ten pages or more about my holidays. And I doubt that anyone would want to read them. I doubt that anyone has read this far to begin with. ;)

Btw, the title of this post is an epic quote by [profile] assassin_nariel . I can't remember what she really wanted to say, because we were laughing for the next ten minutes. We were talking about Inglourious Basterds (again), and about Dieter Hellstrom being a chain-smoker (and the sexiest chain-smoker in history), and about him probably ending up with lung cancer in the weird AU we made up in which he survives and continues his screwed-up powerplay relationship with Landa on Nantucket Island. And then Nari said, "Do you think there was already nicotine in cigarettes back then?" Yes, Nari, there was. Nicotine is not an evil invention they put in there since the 1990s. ;) This epic fail is the only reason that I didn't have to entitle this post with my own epic fail of these holidays ... me saying, "I'm German, I'm allowed to make fun of Jews." Epic fail indeed. :D

Enough babbling for today. I hope I didn't bore you to death.

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I'm leaving on holidays tomorrow. I'm going to Dublin, Edinburgh and then Glasgow, and I'll be back home on September 29th. I will definitely check my e-mails and friends page every once in a while, but I will be around less regularly than usual. Also, I doubt that I will get much/any writing done. And when I get back, I'll have less than two weeks to write that stupid term paper I actually wanted to finish BEFORE I leave on holidays. Yes, I fail.

The frustrating thing is that I have so many Inglourious Basterds plot bunnies in my head and probably hardly any time to write in the next few weeks. It's going to kill me! I wrote two pages of a Christoph/Eli RPS-fic last night, but it's far from finished and not even very good. First thing I'll write when I'm back will probably be the sequel to my Landa/Hellstrom fic. Language!kink is just so much fun to play around with.

And I will see Inglourious Basterds again tonight! For the ... fourth time, I believe. Christoph Waltz is just too amazing to be real, and I'm hopelessly in love with August Diehl. I'm pathetic, I know. I don't care.

Btw, if anyone wants postcards, PM/e-mail me with your address. ;) Yes, I'm looking at you, Ziggy. And at everyone else, too. Don't be shy, I love writing postcards.
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Just in case anyone's interested ... I won't be around until Sunday night (=Sunday afternoon for those of you who live in America). I'm going to visit my grandparents (who don't have internet access) and then some friends whom I haven't seen in years (so I won't spend my time there in front of a computer). So, no comments, replies, e-mails or posts from me during that time. I'll try to catch up with everything Sunday night (although there will probably be more fics posted than I can read in one night oO). Don't miss me too much. ;)

I will, however, take my laptop with me, and since I am going to spend roughly 10 hours in different trains during the next few days, I will hopefully get some writing done. Either True Blood (probably the sequel to A Substitute for God), or maybe work on the next chapter of Kindred Spirits, or maybe ... A new fandom bit me. I so want to write fic for Inglourious Basterds. If you haven't watched that movie yet - go and see it! Immediately! It's amazing! It's beyond words! It's probably one of the greatest movies I've ever seen! And, of course, there's no fandom. Yet. I will maybe write a more detailed review when I'm back, because I really am in love with that movie. Aldo/Hugo, mhmm .... OTP. "Everyone in the German army knows HUGO STIGLITZ!"

So, have fun everybody. ^^ My friends page is probably going to be very very overwhelming when I come back ... Yay for this overactive fandom. I love you all. ;)



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